16 Kung Fu Panda Quotes to Teach Us a Thing or Two About Life


Kung Fu Panda is an animated movie franchise from DreamWorks animations, and probably has the biggest fan base for an animated movie. The first movie came out in the year 2008 and showed Po, a Panda being chosen as a Kung Fu warrior chosen to save the world from evil. Even when everyone and Po himself doesn't believe in his strength, Oogway, the grand master does and directs Po's master, Shifu to train Po.


The movie cast boasts off characters with voice lent by Hollywood A-listers like Angelina Jolie, Seth Rogen, Jack Black and Dustin Hoffman among others. Since 2008 there have been two more movies in the Kung Fu Panda franchise that not only minted money all over the world but also taught us a lot of things that we ought to follow in life. Let us look at some of them now.



Here is the list of best Kung Fu Panda Quotes


1. Let it go



Only when we accept our past and "move on" do we achieve better things in this world. Only then can we become better than what we are and reach heights that we never knew we could climb.



2. Clear your mind



Only when you are calm, composed and thinking with a level head can you get to a clear answer to the roadblock ahead. So to think straight and solve stuff, all you gotta do is focus, and clear your mind.


3. Have fun while reaching your destiny



Although making your destiny and all put loads of pressure on you, you still gotta cool off, come back with a level head and try to have some fun. Only then can you have some control over what your destiny will be like.


4. There is only, perspective



Good news to the cat that it has food for tonight might well be bad news food the mouse that is going to be caught. So it is all just perspective, and there is no real good or bad news in this world.


5. The only way to heal



Bottling up bad memories and experiences will never allow you to overcome them. Only when you face your fears and let the old wounds heal will you see progress and be able to get past roadblocks in life.


6. That's the specialty 



You only need belief and nothing else to even make yourself special. Belief is what drives most things in the world today, right from the rocket scientists to a simple candy store owner. Wiser words haven't been spoken.


7. Well is it?



Well, this is a controversial statement, nevertheless, it is just a cartoon movie with a feel good factor so, everything that comes out of there isn't exactly gold. Nevertheless, to us, it is only now that matters most.


8. Finding yourself



You only need to have the belief that you are something special and by being the best version of yourself can you achieve whatever that is you want to achieve.


9. It is an everlasting process



Only when a master understands this and trains himself without an end can he achieve perfection. A headstrong person will only have a steep fall ahead.


10. Probably the best out there



This is probably the best advice anyone can give. You need to keep pushing yourself further and harder and only then will you discover your true strength. Putting the same amount of effort each time will get you nowhere.


11. Only the best



It is not just the student who has to show heart, but the teacher who has to have belief and dedication towards the student and to what he is teaching.


12. The worries of the past and the future



This is exactly what the majority of the world's human population is out doing. Thinking about the past, and then worrying about the future outcomes and forgetting to live now.


13. It so happens that…



This has held true for many greats where they were consciously trying of avoid something but eventually ended up finding their destiny in it.


14. Let it go, this time control



Man often thinks that he has the ultimate control over himself and his surroundings, but in reality, he is just going where his path takes him.


15. Something to think about



We all have been told that there is a higher power that has sealed our fate to be a certain way. If that is true then the above too, must be a fact.


16. More is always here 



Only when you learn to give things to others will you have gained something worthwhile, and it is never by taking something from someone.


That brings us to the end of the list of life lessons that the characters from Kung Fu Panda had to give. Thank you for taking time out to read them and if it has benefitted you, please leave a comment or use one of the reaction buttons below.



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