10 Popular Celebrities With Hottest Leaked Snapchats

Do you know that Snapchat is the most popular app among teens. Nowadays it is being popularized very fast. It was launched in July 2011 under the name Picaboo for iOS only and relaunched in September 2011 as Snapchat. There are 166 million daily users on snapchat.

The basic concept of Snapchat is to post images and videos which will get deleted automatically in a short span of time. Users can use different funny filters and add emojis to the photos and videos, and these features made it popular among teens.Due to its automatic deletion of conversation history, snaps and videos, most of the users use it to send private photos and sexting. However, there are certain instances where private snaps are leaked and made life a living hell of embarrassment for some regular users and celebrities


Leaked Snapchats Incidents 


Snapchat hack took place during the 2nd week of October in 2014 when over 2,00,000 private photos and videos were exposed online. It was due to a third-party app named SnapSaved where people used to save their snaps. 

Even since then, popular celebrities have been a constant victim of snap leaks bringing total humiliation in public and private life.


Check Out Leaked Snapchats Of Celebrities


1. Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner



Kylie and Kendall are sisters and one of the biggest celebrities in the world with a massive fan following. But their coziness has always been under scanner as they kept posting photos and videos showing their intimacy. They have been a victim of leaked snaps where it was seen that Kylie was sucking Kendall's tongue. Previously she put up a video showing her hand inside Kendall's underwear.


2. Selena Gomez



Selena Gomez is the most followed person on Instagram. Recently, some of the private photos were leaked online and it is believed that the photos were stored as snaps in her Snapchat account. In the photo, she was seen completely exposed, and there is no official statement from Selena which almost confirms that the photos are authentic. 


3. Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer Lawrence is at the peak of her career and success as she has become as Oscar-winning actress.But with fame came scandals. Around 60 private images from her Snapchat account were published online, and the spokesperson for the actress confirmed the authenticity of the photos. She is seen taking selfies with no clothes on and exposing her private parts completely. 


4. Kate Upton



Kate is a very popular model cum actress, and the images of her with her boyfriend Justin Verlander making love were uploaded online. The images were extremely intimate and went viral worldwide. The lawyer of the model confirmed the authenticity of the images and they pursued legal actions.


5. Amber Heard


Nearly a dozen of naked photos of the gorgeous actress were publishing online. She was caught in embarrassing positions in most of these photos. Even a video was leaked where she was seen doing a striptease. The recipient of the sensual snap is suspected to her fiance Johnny Depp as she referred someone as Tonto Man in the video. Tonto is a famous character played by Johnny Depp. 


6. Jessica Brown Findlay



The actress who rose to fame by playing the character of Lady Sybil in Downton Abbey was a victim of Snapchat hacking. It is believed that the photos were stored in iCloud whose server was hacked. The video published online was too explicit along with several intimate pictures. The spokesperson of the actress admitted that the photos belonged to her and that they would take legal action to ensure that the culprits get exposed. 

7. Ariana Grande



Ariana Grande is the second most followed personality on Instagram, and she is a craze among teens. Even though the hackers claim to publish her photos directly from her Snapchat account where she is seen in compromising position of pleasure herself, she denied the authenticity of the photos. Nevertheless, the pictures draw a lot of attentions and lead to more publicity for her.


8. Kirsten Dunst 



Kirsten Dunst is one of the most popular TV actresses and known for her stunning look and body type. During iColud hacking, her intimate photos were made public. She acknowledged the fact that the photos were authentic by tweeting "Thank You iCloud". She called the incident absolutely unfortunate and exclaimed that it could affect her career as fans may be losing interest in her. 


9. Kaley Cuoco



The actress has been a subject of constant controversies due to several reports of leaking private images all by herself. In an interview, she claimed all the photos of her floating around the internet before the Fappening thing happened were completely fake. But these photos were real, and all she could do was make fun of the photos instead of keeping herself depressed


10 .Taylor Swift And Kanye West Saga



Kanye West wrote a song on Taylor Swift that had outrageous lyrics where he said that he made that bitch(Taylor Swift) famous and that they might have sex again. However, she is actually famous for her never ending list of boyfriends. This music video was even more outrageous where a naked wax status of Taylor lying in bed with Kayne was shown.

Taylor bashed Kayne for such awful lyrics and video without her permission. But it was Kim Kardashian who leaked a video of Taylor Swift snaps which showed that Kayne West took her permission and Taylor was happy with the lyrics and portrayal. It was on the news, and it showed Taylor was a liar


The so-called Fappening 2.0 is already underway to expose more naked photos of celebrities and bring shame to their lives. Forget about celebs, thousands of private photos and videos of normal users are getting exposed online every day. What measures are you taking to prevent the same happening to your saved photos and videos? Comments Below.



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