11 Children Who Became Famous Overnight For Their Beauty

For some, beauty is defined by the character and behavior of a person. For most, it is the external beauty that matters most. But there is one thing that everyone agrees with beauty that children are the most beautiful entity in the world. In the human body, beauty is something that can take anyone to the peak of popularity in short time.

But you may not have heard children becoming famous overnight for their natural beauty, did you?  Here are 11 such children who became popular because their beauty got spotted. 



1. Anastasia Knyazeva:



This beautiful young girl from Russia started to appear in the campaign of GUESS when she was five years old. Today, she is six-years-old and is known as the most beautiful girl in the world. She has got brown hair with blue eyes, and her face has a similar resemblance to a doll.


2. Lauren Lunde:



Lauren Hana Lunde was not even five when she appeared in a music video in South Korea. She is nine years old and has endorsed several brands like Gymboree, MiniZaru, MiniMe, and Aura Kids. She has got more than 477,000 followers on Facebook and has already become a child prodigy.


3. Anna Pavaga:



Anna Pavaga is another Russian who has turned into a child model. She did her first photo shoot when she was three years old. In 2015, she appeared at the Aurora Fashion Week. Pavaga has done modeling for many brands like Vogue and Pulka. The child has already got over 465,000 followers on Instagram.


4. William Franklyn-Miller:



He is best known to play the role of Young Jack in the TV series ‘Jack Irish’. William Franklyn-Miller has got eyes like waterfalls and has got more than 600,000 Instagram followers. The Australian is the most handsome lad on Instagram. He has starred in several TV shows notably ‘Neighbours’ and ‘Arrow’.


5. Jordyn Reinle:



Jordyn Reinle is one of the most popular children on Instagram. At a very young age, the American has worked with popular brands like Kidpik, The Children’s Place, and Simplicity Patterns. She has already entered the fashion industry and her pictures have gone viral on the internet.


6. Laneya Grace:



She was signed by Wilhelmina Models and has appeared in the campaigns of Malificient Toys and Guess. Laneya Grace has worked with many musicians and photographers. She is blessed with green eyes and is active on Instagram.


7. Colin & Kameron:



Beauty is not just restricted to girls, even boys can have it. Colin & Cameron Scott is popular American twins who are working with Bensimon Models. What makes them more appealing is their golden hair. They have uploaded many pictures on Instagram.


8. Haileigh Vasquez:



Haileigh Vasquez is an Instagram star. She is just seven years old and has already launched her own clothing line. The American has walked the New York Fashion Week and has appeared in many networks including ABC. Vasquez was born in April 2009.


9. Megan & Morgan:



The twins from Philadelphia took the internet by storm when they were four years old in 2015. They have got unique eyes, as Morgan’s left eye has a different color from her right eye. They are dubbed as “TrueBlue Twins”.


10. Anastasia Averbukh:



Anastasia Averbukh is known as Israel’s most beautiful girl. She has got many admirers in her country. She is the daughter of Alexander Averbukh, who is an actor and athlete. She is a seven years old model who is all over the internet.


11. Tallia Burk:



Tallia Burk was born on August 16, 2012. She just turned five and has already worked with fashion giants like Oscar de la Renta and Ralph Lauren. The American has got a French appearance and looks like model Thylane Blondeau.


Well, every child is beautiful in their own way but there are some who rise to the peak of popularity thanks to someone influencing noticing them. 



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