How To Lose Weight When You Are Working 12 Hours A Day!

We all know that going to the gym and working out hard will make you lose your weight and extra fat. It is the best way to get your body in shape.

However, in our hectic life where we need to work 12 hours or more, we do not have the willpower or the energy in our bodies to go to the gym in the morning or after work. For them, the following steps will help to lose weight and fat.

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Calorie Count –

If you cannot take the path of the gym and workout, you have to take the path of calorie counting. The simplest way of losing weight is eating less calorie than what your body needs. According to your weight, you can roughly calculate the daily calorie your body needs.

Then you have to calculate the calories you are eating through your food and by any means, eat less than what your body needs. In such a scenario, the body will get calories from your stored fat and you will lose weight rapidly and organically. For help, you can visit a dietician.

Meals Per Day –

Instead of eating too many foods and dishes at once and stuffing your stomach, break your meals into 6 parts and eat less so that your hunger is fulfilled but you do not feel heavy. But always keep the calorie calculation in mind. When you are at home during the weekends, you tend to break the format and consider weekends as cheat days. It is not going to work if you do so regularly. You need to be consistent for three months at least.

Get A Few Items –

Having a treadmill is a blessing. Most of the time, people do not want to go to a gym and waste their time. Therefore, a treadmill at home offers them to run and burn calories as per their will and time. In cheat days, when you break your regular format, you can work out for hours to burn the extra calories you have taken it. Along with a treadmill, if you can afford, there are various other equipment you can buy and your family members can also use them to keep themselves fit.

Take A Few Steps –

If you are not going to buy the above equipment, you need to do a few activities like walking up and down the stairs at your home for exercise. Walk and cycle rather than taking a motorcycle or public transport whenever possible. When you are sitting, keep fidgeting with your feet. Choose those ingredients to eat that do not put up calories. Instead, they might feel in burning fat like green tea.

Get A Partner –

The sudden change in your food habits and lifestyle can be hard to adapt to. Therefore, you need a partner or a coach. If hiring a coach is not an option for you, get a neighbor or a colleague who wants to follow your path and you two can do exactly the same thing or even compete in a healthy way. This way you can get up early by forcing each other, walk together to your office or any place, eat food together and check each other’s calorie and likewise.

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