7 Most Unimaginable Buildings That Exist On Earth!

You must have heard of the seven wonders in the world. However, you must be unaware of the 7 out of the world buildings in the world. You will feel like you are in some parallel universe because the constructional designs will blow your mind off the chart. These magnificent buildings will make your question whether our era is the most advanced in constructing masterpieces or not.

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The Unusual Angle –

You might have seen various masterpieces of buildings that ancient people have created. But this is where the modern generation has gone one step ahead and created something absolutely new. It is impossible to imagine how the buildings are actually created.

The Lotus Building, China –

In the past, there was no supply of electricity and therefore, they could not do anything with lighting effects. In the modern era, the building looks more stunning at night and in the daytime, one will not recognize the building as it looks completely different and yet fantastic.

The Lotus Temple, India –

Here is another lotus temple and one has to visit it to imagine how the petals of the lotus are getting support. It is a masterpiece and the interior is equally mindblowing. There are 9 doors leading to the central door.

The Cubic Houses, Netherlands –

There are 40 houses in Rotterdam, Netherlands which have become a tourist spot because the construction of these houses is absolutely mindblowing. You will get an impression that the world has turned upside down. The walls and windows are at a 45-degree angle.

City of Arts and Sciences, Spain –

Aptly named, this is an example of what the designers and constructors of the modern era can do when they have the right pay and finance for the project. It is a collection of 5 different building consisting of a natural park, a plaza, a cinema, a museum, and an oceanographic park.


Heydar Aliyev Center, Azerbaijan –

If you are looking for something alien, this is a perfect example. It has been designed by the popular architect Zaha Hadid who is known for creating weird shape buildings with perfection that everyone falls in love with its weirdness. The building contains halls and offices.


Capital Gate, UAE –

This is not only one of the tallest buildings in the world but also the furthest leaning man-made tower in the world. It looks scary at first sight as if it is going to fall anytime. However, this is what creates a modern masterpiece in the architecture world. The tower leans at 18-degree and the design on the exterior is breathtaking.

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