10 Bizarre Online Service You Won’t Believe Really Exist

In this world of digitization, there is no dearth of online services. Offline companies are desperate to have an online presence, professional workers are desperate to become entrepreneurs and start-ups are opening every day as if it is a child's play. Over 50% of small businesses are home-based and over 5 lakh new online services are getting added every month. 

With such exponential rise, it is not unusual to find some of the services that even the experts could not dream in their wild dreams. Starting from renting girls and moms to assistants for dating and personal care, the following are 10 bizarre online services you can avail easily.



1. Rent a Mom


If you are staying away from your mom or your mom is no more in this world, you can find somewhat a substitute momentarily with Need A Mom NYC. You can chat with her just like you mom, invite her to your home and she will cook terrific food, quick snacks and even take hck snakser out for dinner, and you will receive all the motherly affections. 


Basic Rate – $40-$100/hour.

2. Rent a Girlfriend


If you do not have a girlfriend and still you want to show off that you have one, you need a rent a girlfriend on GFRental. You have to submit your requirements, and you will get a list of girlfriends to choose from. You can have phone interviews to select the best one. The rates vary depending on the girl you choose to hire.

Basic Rate – $40-$100/hour.

3. Cuddle Strangers


If you are stressed or in a long distance relationship, you must be missing the warmth of touches. But not anymore as you can hire professional cuddlers of opposite gender on The Snuggle Buddies who will give you a heavenly feeling. He or she can cuddle you in your home, hotel, parks, cinema hall and even sleep with you overnight. 

Basic Rate: $80/hour. 

4. Sent Weird Parcels Anonymously



If you are angry with someone and afraid of saying him or her anything on the face, you can send a customized message on a potato. Well, you can try the same on your boyfriend or girlfriend though the outcome could vary. One of the popular use of this service is sending birthday message. You can send a potato with sticker or postcard on it and even a sack of potato with the same message on Potato Parcel

Basic Rate – $9.99/potato.


5. Hire A Lice Remover


Lice are a common problem for several people, and if you are a victim of lice on your head, you must be wishing to have someone to pick your lice one by one. Well, with Lice Happens, you can do just that by hiring a professional to visit your home and provide the comforting service by picking your lice and cleaning your scalpe.

Basic Rate – Depends On The Location Of Your Home


6. Anger Room


If you are angry at you boss, boyfriend or girlfriend, you can take your frustration out in the Anger Room. Inside an anger room, you can tear up things, break glasses and smash items which could well be gift items you from your ex-beloved. There are rooms for couples with friendly items to throw at each other. 

Basic Rate – $25 for 5 Minutes with One Item.


7. Hire A Hot Girl To Talk Over Phone


If you are lonely, bored, frustrated and need a girl to chat with, Fiverr Seller offers just the service you need.  You can talk to her on the phone on any subject as she has an open mind and good sense of humor. You can talk to her anytime you want even at midnight

Basic Rate – $5/hour

8. Hire A Girl To Chat


Invisible Girlfriend offers a useful service for the boys out there who are dying to chat with girls. You can practice flirting before you do it in a real scenario. You can also set the scenario like flirting at a bar, on a plane, on vacation, at a party and likewise. You can flirt or just share something as a friend. 

Basic Rate –  Varies Depending On Your Requirements

9. Hire A Potty Trainer For Kids



Many parents find it difficult to teach their little kids how to do potty. It is also difficult to find a babysitter to train the same. In such a realistic scenario, NYC Potty Training has come up with a service of providing potty training to kids by visiting at home. You can also take instructions over the phone from the experts. 

Basic Rate – $1175 for 5 hours.


Which of these services as mentioned above are you interested in? This is your chance of transforming your fantasy into reality



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