10 Astounding Facts about Madrid – the Glorious Capital of Spain!


Madrid is the beautiful capital city of Spain. It is well known for its exquisite collection of European art, its manicured parks, & its portico-lined plazas. The city lies on the bank of river Manzanares and is at the dead center of Spain and the Community of Madrid. Madrid is also the 3rd largest city in the European Union, right after London & Berlin. How about that for the ancient capital. Read on to learn more about this hodgepodge of Spanish culture.





1. Madrid was founded late in the history!



The city of Madrid was first founded in 860 AC when Muhammad I the monarch of Córdoba decided to build a castle atop a hill in close proximity to the Manzanares river. Up until the 9th century, Madrid was pretty much deserted.




2. It is a European cultural hub!



Madrid was declared as the European culture capital in the year 2012, with around 25 museums that are a host a myriad of European & Spanish artworks. In addition, there are several philosophical book clubs and frequent cultural & social meets arranged all over the city.




3. The King of Spain doesn't reside in the Madrid palace



Well, this has to make the list of & other facts about Madrid! Although the Palacio Real is the official residence of the King of Spain, he doesn't reside in the magnificent palace. The current king Felipe VI and all the members of the royal family have been living in the Palace of Zarzuela since 1962. 




4. It is a city with an overwhelming number of students!



In the state of Madrid, you can see students everywhere. It is a burgeoning hub of learning in Europe with well-known and prestigious facilities such as Complutense University, University Charles III, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, etc.




5. The official symbol of Madrid!



Madrid's official emblem is right there, in the middle of  Puerta del Sol. A statue of a bear reaching for the berries of a strawberry tree apparently. It is the official Coat of Arms of Madrid. 




6. Has the most successful football club in the world



The first thing that comes to anyone's mind when they hear the word Madrid, is about the renowned football club that is considered as one of the many facts of Real Madrid. It has won numerous titles with names like Christiano Ronaldo, James Rodriguez Pepe etc. since it's inception in 1902.




7. Spain's Disneyworld is here!



The Warner Brothers Movie World is located in the municipality of San Martín de la Vega, Madrid, called the Parque Warner Madrid. It can be called as Spain's answer to Disneyworld with numerous rides and attractions pertaining to cartoons, superhero & a slew of other genres of movies. 




8. The erratic Madrid weather



The weather here can fluctuate enormously with temperatures hitting negative values, -1° C in January and a high of 42° C in the month of August. So pack accordingly while visiting the beautiful city.




9. Famous personalities born here



Some of the most famous people on the planet have come from Madrid, like Hollywood actress Penelope Cruz, Footballer Fernando Torres & Singer Enrique Iglesias.




10. The Golden Triangle of Art!



The 3 most important art museums, the Prado Museum (Museo del Prado), the Reina Sofía Museum (Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía ) & the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, are in close proximity to each other at the heart of Madrid and is called the Golden Triangle of Art!


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