5 Best Beaches For Foreigners To Visit In India Other Than Goa

It is a known fact that whenever foreigners land in India, they give a visit to Goa which is the most popular beaches among foreigners in India. That is why you will find more foreigners in Goa beach than Indians. However, Goa is not the only beautiful beach destination in India. There are other other equally beautiful and even more beautiful beaches than Goa and they are less crowded. Since there are popular in the local states, there will be no issue of security.

Havelock Island, The Andamans –

If the foreigners want to visit a beach that feels more like their homeland, this is the one. In fact, most of the foreigners have found the beach better than the ones available in their countries. It has white sandy beaches, green forests, and the coral reefs. The turquoise blue water with scuba diving and trekking as well as snorkeling and elephant riding will make the trip memorable.

Gokarna, Karnataka –

Gokarna is a small town where Indian tourists visit a lot every year. There are four pristine beaches present. You can enjoy the sun, the walk through the palm trees and the bath in the azure waters. It is a perfect beach escape and a place of spiritualism. Besides, there are delicious foods available from all the popular countries and therefore, there will be no issue with food. Moreover, you can enjoy boat rides, put up low hammocks over the sand and appreciate the culture in local home-stays.

Minicoy, Lakshadweep –

This is one of the less crowded beaches and it is known for its fresh water, white sand as well coral reefs. If you find Andaman’s beach crowded, this is the alternative and it is equally beautiful. There are luxurious beach resorts available. There are various interesting activities available like tuna canning and tuna fishing.

Varkala, Kerala –

It is located close to the capital of Kerala and a relatively peaceful beach to make your trip memorable. There is a long paved stretch of cliffs on the side area of the beach. Therefore, you can enjoy the view of the waters and the cliffs at the same time. There are only a few places like this in the world. It is a perfect place for rejuvenation with yoga and various other Ayurvedic treatments available to make you alive with full energy.

Vizag, Andhra Pradesh –

This is a perfect combination of hills and beaches. You will need to hire a guide as many local people may not understand English. This place is once in a lifetime destination. There are hills, beaches, lakes, gardens, museums, open air restaurants, various exciting rides to make even moment worth living.

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