11 Simple Things That Science Cannot Explain


How many species are there on Earth? Nobody knows yet. That is because it is a tough question to answer. But how about the simplest question, why do we dream? Something the simplest question can be the toughest to answer and even in this era of advanced science, we still have to answer to several simple things in our life.

This just goes on to show that we do not know yet who we are, how we function and why we are here. Here are the 11 simple things that we still don't understand and maybe some things are not meant to be. 



1. How Many Planet Are There In Our Solar System? 


We have been traveling to different planets and yet with the advanced technology, scientists have no clue how many planets are there in our solar system. But they have agreed that they are more than what we already know. 


2. Why Are Mosquitoes Attractive To A Few Only?


A survey has shown that mosquitoes are more attracted to 20% of the entire population. But scientists are yet to find out why and how do they choose. Can we ever do anything to repel them naturally? Another survey has shown that people with Blood group A are more attractive to them. 

3.  How Do We Blush?


We all blush when we feel embarrassed. But how does it occur? Why does blood rush and turn our cheek pink? Many scientists believe that it is an adaptation of human beings from the past and it has become a habit. 


4. How Is Memory Formed?


We all memorize things in our life quite effortlessly. But have you even question how it is formed, how do we retrieve it so fast and how do some people remember their past lives? Scientists are still researching on it, and the research work is going on for centuries. 


5. How Do We Balance A Bicycle?


The funny thing is the person who invented bicycle; he did not know how it functions. Even science can not explain the dynamics of how we balance a bicycle. Theoretically, we should have never been able to do so. 


6. How Gravity Functions?


Big scientists have explained the phenomenon of gravity, and it is probably the basic of all the forces in the world. We have no idea how it truly functions because it holds the Universe together in a floating state yet it makes us fall down every time we rise. There are just too much of anomalies. 


7. Why Is Someone Lefty?


There is no explanation why some are lefty, or someone else is right-handed. How is it determined? It is just habit, or there is more that meets the eyes?


8. Why Does Lightning Take Place?


Lightning is scary, and where there is thunder, there is lightning. Even today, we do not exactly know the reason why lightning takes place. The debate for the explanation provided is inconclusive. 


9. Why Did Not Pubic Hair Go Away?


With the evolution of human beings, the body hair has gone away massively. Previously, in apes, body used to be covered with thick and crowded body hair. But somehow, even after evolution, the pubic hair has stayed as the same as in the ancient world and scientists do not know why. 


10.  Why Do We Yawn?


Yawning is an involuntary action and many links it to tiredness. But it is not like we have jaundice and our skin turns yellow. Even when we get up some sleep, we yawn. Scientists have tried to link it with cooling down of the brain, but their experiments yielded a different result to draw a fixed conclusion.  


11. Dream and Its Interpretation



There have been so many explanations given about the dreaming, but none of them are acceptable. First of all, we do not know why we dream. Then the things we see in a dream, some of them are completely unknown and just a product of our imagination. They do not make any sense yet they are a daily occurrence. 


There are many such simple questions like how time runs so fast in a dream, how do some of the things we dream about come true, and the list can be endless. One thing is sure, we are yet to understand ourselves let along the complex equations in physics and mathematics.



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