11 Romantic Pose Ideas For Couples To Shoot Stunning Photos


In this digital world, a picture does not only speak a mere thousand words but also speaks every single word there is to express. It is said that the first photograph is probably taken in the year 1826 or 1827 by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce of Burgundy region of France. Since then, photography has evolved to what it is now.

When it comes to the couple, photos are of special significance. They capture every moment they spend together.But in the race of getting more likes and shares, couples are inventing creative ways to pose for a couple photo that makes them unique. Here are some creative and romantic pose ideas for couples to look absolutely stunning in their photos. 



1. Right Before Kiss


This is the most passionate frame a photographer can capture for a couple. It is always the build up before the kiss that happens to be the most memorable moment. No wonder why such a photo will be priceless and viral. 


2. Sitting On The Lap


If you want to bring out the intimacy in your relationship, this is an ideal pose. It has to be sensual, and you can share it with your friends only with private setting. It will showcase the depth of your love and the fire of design burning inside you. 


3. Whispering In The Ear


In this pose, your man will pretend to whisper something in your ear, and you would be smiling while you are listening to him attentively. This is a great way to hide the face of your boyfriend to keep the suspense among your followers. 


4. Reflection 



This would need a creative photographer and a good quality of water to show the reflection perfectly. It is best for the rainy season. 


5. Silhouette


This is a truly romantic pose where you let the nature and the background be the focus of the photo. Your man can lift to and indulge in a lip kiss while the background color shows the passion in your kiss. 


6. Lift Or Dip 


Either you can lift your girl by her bump, and she could express her joy, or you can do the romantic dip pose holding your girl in your arm. Short skirts go well with this pose. If you have height mismatch, this is ideal to plant a kiss and snap. 


7. Walking Hand In Hand


This is still the most gentle pose among couples. Walking on a beach during sunrise or sunset could be an ideal setting. The girl can blush while the guy can put up a smile on his face.


8. Lying On Back


Even though it is a rather cliched pose, yet one is definitely one of the best poses for couples wanting to showcase their fairy love life. You two can look at the camera or look at each other.


9. Swirl In Dance


Even those this pose is not as dramatic as most others, yet it is fast becoming popular, and the girl must wear a skirt to get the full effect of swirl in a better way. 


10. Forehead Touching



This is a very romantic pose and should be taken with a light smile on the face so that it captures a happy moment. Some couples also do a nose to nose touch but the girl should place her hand on the neck or shoulder of her man. 


11. Back To Back


Even though back to back pose is used to show rivalry, in the case of a couple putting up a smiling face, it shows the beauty of their relationship where love and fight walk hand in hand. 

Expression of love through photos is becoming extremely popular. Pre-wedding photography, post-wedding photography, first love photography and various other types have become very common, and everyone wants to make the long lasting impression. Try out these poses and do comment about the poses that looked better for you. 



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