Weird Things People Do For Beauty Will Blow Your Mind!

In today’s world of social media, beauty has become the first priority in everyone’s life. Everyone strives to look beautiful all the time so that the pictures that they click come stunningly. They are ready to go any distance to look as good as they dream to be. In this wild pursuit, there are many weird things people do across that world other than visiting local spas and DIY tricks.

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Placenta Facial In Netherlands-

This is probably the weirdest of them all. Placentas are used for facial treatment to get rid of conditions like acne. The football players are known to do this treatment for torn ankle ligaments and they use horse placenta.

Snake Massage In Israel –

If you want a thrilling full-body massage, you got to be in Israel where dozens of snakes will move around on your body. It is going to rejuvenate your body and with continuous treatment, the skin glow will increase.

Snail Facial In Thailand –

people are ready to do anything for a facial treatment to look beautiful. In Thailand, they let the snails move freely on your skin and they spread their mucus on your face which is considered to be great for the skin. It is said to be an ancient practice in Greece.

Volcanic Sand Bath –

This treatment is popular in certain parts of the world including Japan. You can call this mud bath or sand bath where you will be lying on volcanic sand and your body will be covered with the same. It is widely practiced in regions nearly active volcano.

Hay Treatment In Italy –

Instead of a luxurious bathtub, you will be lying on a wooden bathtub and you will be covered entirely with wet and fermented hay. The idea has originated from farmers who used to sleep on hay. It is believed to energize your skin and bringing back the lost glow of the skin. besides, it is considered to be a treatment for muscle cramps and stiff joints.

Ramen Bath In Japan –

Japanese have several weird practices for beautification. Yunessun Spa House has a giant ramen bowl where it lets the clients take bath for enhancing skin beauty and metabolism. Apparently, it is a pork broth with synthetic noodles.

Cupping In China –

It is a traditional form of Chinese acupuncture where the glass cups are heated and placed on the person’s skin for suction effect. Starting from muscle cramps to common cold, it is a popular remedy. But it leaves bruises on the skin.

Apart from these, the beer bath, apitherapy, and cryotherapy are quite popular even though weird in practice.

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