5 Types Of Women Guy Should Never Date!

A healthy relationship begins with a perfect date. It is true that every man and woman wants to be with the opposite gender as a couple for experiencing true love and all the great things that come with it. However, there are certain types of men and women that should be avoided for dating because they are likely to bring in chaos and nuisance than peace and happiness. Today, we are going to advise the men to avoid five different types of women for dating unless they are desperate to get a girl in their lives.

The Extreme Feminist –

There is nothing wrong in supporting your gender and getting an equality in all sectors. But supporting something does not mean you have to hate everything else. The extreme feminist girls are man-haters. She will be critical of every man she meets, she considers confidence as cocky, gentleman’s courtesy as considering her weak, casual dressing as unkempt and whatnot. If you date them, you will be dating a critic and not a support. She will use phrases like ‘you men’ and break into an argument all the time.


The Dreamy Princesses –

Dating a cute girl with full of innocence is not bad. But you are dating an immature girl who still thinks she is a kid, you are calling in for a lot of trouble in handling her. She is going to be dramatic and only if you can treat her like a royalty and worship her, you can survive dating and being in a relationship with her in the future. You have to be her slave with no logical response in return to her orders and askings.


The Insecure Women –

When in a relationship, everyone gets insecure with the person they love. However, if she is too emotional due to her insecurities all the time, when can you have the good moments in your relationship. At the end of the relationship, you will think of it as a nightmare. You can easily identify an insecure girl from her conversations. If you want to still date her, be ready to update her your activities all the time.

The Gold Diggers –

Gold diggers are not hard to identify and you may be tricked by her looks and her seductive talks. But you should be ready to go bankrupt to maintain such a girlfriend. She would be more interested in what you do and your assets than knowing how good a person you are. They know that their looks will drive more rich people when you are done.


The Clingers –

These are those girls who take the relationship too seriously to the point that they are emotional when they do not get the kind of attention they hope for. They are less logical and more emotional and to get attention, she will do serial texting to a point it will get annoying for her boyfriend. She might also call you to hear your voice, video call you multiple times to see you and want to be with you all the time whether it is a holiday or occasion.



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