Things You Need To Do For Coronavirus and Future!

Coronavirus pandemic is turning ugly with time and it is becoming difficult to go out with every passing day. The services are closing down and therefore, you should prepare yourself for the worst. The following is the list of items you should have a stock at your home for a couple of months.

Stockpile Food

Stock canned and dehydrated food per person for a couple of months. With time, it is going to be hard to go out and to get food from the market. There will be a crisis of food for sure.


Buy Essential Tools

Keep a standard set of tools in a toolbox including a multitool, a wrench, a hammer, and a screwdriver set. You’ll have to fend for yourself when a big portion of the population dies off quickly. History has taught us that, anyone can succumb to illness.


Get yourself some weapons

The best defense is a good defense. Best tools like the shotguns, pistols are ideal for close-quarters combat. Survivalists are well known for stockpiling guns and ammo. A machete/crossbow is also great at hunting and defending yourself. Or at best, you can get a good hunting knife.


Stock up on disinfectant

Use hand sanitizer whenever you touch common objects or any person.  Hand soap is good in a pinch. Stock up on bleach and standard consumer products that can disinfect anything and kill the most fatal pathogens. They are cheap and easily found.


Create a safe room and house

Use the plastic drop cloths to cover every door and window, sealing them with duct tape as you go. The duct tape is easy to tear and sticks to everything. It will secure your home and keep the virus out.  Establish a quarantine room somewhere in your home.


Boost your immune system

The best way to keep yourself in fighting shape is regular exercise and taking Vitamin C and Lysine. The immune system is the only defense our bodies have against a potentially deadly infection. Keep a well-stocked first-aid kit, antibiotic ointments, cold medicine, and multivitamins.


Create a bug out bag

In situations of an outbreak when the government forces you to flee with little or no notice, it is always good to have a bug out bag ready. One should keep a well-stocked bag with all needed items say just enough for 72 hours.



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