Glorious Harry Potter Memes to make you Burst out in Laughter


We have had some of the best childhood memories, courtesy of J. K. Rowling and her fantastic Harry Potter stories. These novels, although rejected by many publishing houses due to them being extremely unrealistic eventually went on to become made into movies and even made JKR the first woman writer-billionaire! Although the movies were the best on-screen representations of the novels and we absolutely loved them, we can't help but have a little bit of fun with the characters and the loopholes among others. It's just in our nature if you will! With the advent of meme-culture, some of the most sirius (see what I did there!) characters like Snape and Dumbledore have been the point of comedy and we are loving every bit of it! We'd like to present the best of the best Harry Potter memes that the fans have made way for. 



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Check out These Giant List of Harry Potter Memes



1. No one is too old to watch Harry Potter!


I repeat, NO ONE is too old to obsess over Potter, Harry Potter!





2. Yo mama meets Harry Potter!


Only "true harry potter fans" will get this or those of you who have watched Prisoner of Azkaban also will!





3. Adults only!


When you realize that Harry Potter fans have finally grown up or not!





4. Working with words!


Are you serious? Or are you Sirius? Not like there's a big difference!





5. When HP owned Twilight!


Snape never ceases to amaze us, with his dark hair and humor!





6. Gryffindor scores!


For the beauty that Hermione is, there's nothing wrong in awarding the house cup each year to Gryffindor, and Snape realized that!





7. Gandalf joins the party!


That epic moment when Dumbledore and Gandalf gang up on you to tell some bad news!





8. Owls instead of mails!


When you get excessive mail from Hogwarts and it's considered spam!





9. Hogwarts story!


So much for being the chosen one! This was Harry's reaction throughout the books and movies!





10. Well, that was awkward!


That moment when we were all watching Harry and Hermoine and she seemingly broke the fourth wall but didn't! Close one lol!





11. What accepting brothers!


That moment when you know your brother is gay, but still accept him for what he is! Bravo Fred and George!





12. Perhaps this is the reason


Maybe, but Ron and Harry too smashed into the platform wall in the first book!





13. Different ways eh?


This is the ultimate pronunciation guide including that of Dumbledore!





14. HIMYM gets into the Potterverse!


When Snape inflicted a heavy blow to Harry using, How I Met Your Mother!





15. The Dark mark of Friendship?


Ah, the Death Eaters were lovely folk, and fierce friends, who came to their friends' aid anytime, anywhere!





16. Dumb-ledore!


You're wrong there, old wizard! Fly you fools, Dumbledore hired yet another terrible professor! Gandalf FTW!





17. That Ginger joke!


We all know that gingers don't have souls, and well Ron is a ginger so, there you go! 





18. How very intriguing!


Did you realize that? The Dark Lord is like a little girl!




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