Top 7 Most Popular Korean Dramas You Must Watch

There is a craze among girls in the Asian countries regarding Korean dramas especially after the rise of Netflix. This trend has come from Korean boy bands that are crazy popular among Asian girls and even across the world. If you are getting started with the Korean dramas and web series, check out the following most popular Korean dramas you must watch out.


Perfume is a tale about a housewife who is discouraged and exhausted of her everyday life. However, she seizes enchantment fragrance, truly, you read that privilege and that scent changes her into an entirely different individual.


My Fellow Citizens

Choi Si Won plays a casualty of a con, where he likewise becomes hopelessly enamored with a Police official who gets offenders who have practical experience in extortion. All things considered, in the event that you aren’t generally keen on the political storyline, you can generally swoon over Choi Si Won.


My Absolute Boyfriend

A South Korean drama is a tale of a makeup artist dating a popular actor. The actor gets busy due to his hectic schedule and soon he gets tired of his relationship and as a result the 7 year relationship ends. What’s more, that is the point at which a humanoid robot who is customized to be infatuated with his unrivaled sweetheart, shows up in her life. An inadvertent kiss enacts the robot and it accepts the cosmetics craftsman as his better half.


The Fiery Priest

The Fiery Priest is an activity pressed dramatization, which is additionally funny.  There is a priest who makes resentful comments and can be impolite to other people. There is a criminologist who gabs and he is likewise bashful. Besides, there is an examiner who is savvy and lovely. She is likewise driven as an examiner and great at her particular employment.



Abyss is a rom-com dream arrangement, where an indictment legal advisor and a corrective organization successor, are skilled another possibility at life in the wake of being in an auto collision. All gratitude to soul-resuscitating marbles those were available in the otherworldly void.


My First First Love

The story spins around five youthful people and their concept of affection. Furthermore, these five people move together and need to figure out how to cherish together. It is an extraordinary story, one you should observe.


Arthdal Chronicles

Arthdal Chronicles is about a charming area and the strategic maneuver that happens there. It has a one of a kind storyline and in the event that you are an enthusiast of imagination universes, at that point this is only for you.


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