List Of 50 Pub Quiz Questions To Make Opponents Scratch Heads

Is visiting a pub every weekend is increasingly becoming a boring activity? Don't worry as you can turn it up and have extreme fun with a pub quiz. You need to group some random groups and ask questions to one another. You can put foods and drinks at stake to make it more interesting. Did you know that in most of the European countries, it has become a tradition in some pubs? It started in the UK in the early 70s and has become a British culture. It is extremely popular in America, Ireland, Canada, and Australia.

Pubs themselves organize the quiz to make it a happening place. Groups can also start cross-questioning and buy each other drinks every time the opposite answers it correctly. Here is a compilation of pub quiz questions to nail your opponents.



Check Out Pub Quiz Questions And Have Fun


General Knowledge Questions



1. Crystal Wedding Anniversary is equivalent to how many years?

15 Years.


2. Which country is the largest producer of diamond?

South Africa.


3. Which country is ruled by one dynasty for over 2000 years?



4. Who is the murderer of President Abraham Lincoln?

John Wilkes Booth.


5. Which among these is landlocked country – Switzerland, Spain, Italy, France?



6. The Eiffel Tower is named after whom?

Alexander Eiffel. 


7. In which country Mount Everest is located – China,  Nepal or Tibet?



8. Which is the longest highway in the world?

Trans-Canada (8000 km)


9. Which is the largest delta in the world?

Ganges Delta.


10. Mount Everest is named after whom?

Sir George Everest.


Sports Questions




11. Who won 6 consecutive Wimbledon titles?

Martina Navratilova.

12. Which game has five players each on both teams?



13. Which is the world's oldest tennis tournament?



14. The term 'Googly" is associated with which sports?



15. When was the Commonwealth game started?



16. Which country has won cricket world cup maximum time?



17. Which country has played every football world cup till date?



18. First Olympic Games was held in which country?



19. Which team has won the most UEFA Champions League?

Real Madrid C.F


20. Which team has the most number of Ballon d'Or winners and how many?

Barcelona (10)


Entertainment Questions



21. How many movies won 11 Oscars(highest) and name them.

1. Ben-Hur

2. Titanic

3. The Lord of the Rings – The Return of the King


22. Which singer has won maximum MTV VMAs?



23. Who was the first female monster in a movie?

Bride Of Frankenstein.


24. Which is the first movie to gain the title of "blockbuster"?



25. Which is the longest running TV show in the US and how many seasons?

The Simpsons (29 Seasons).


26. Which is the highest worldwide gross movie of all time?



27. Which is the most watched music video on YouTube?



28. Which is the highest grossing movie Franchise of all time?

Marvel Cinematic Universe.


29. How many actors have played the character of James Bond and how many movies are produced so far?

8 Actors, 23 Movies.


30. Which artist/band has sold the maximum number of records?

The Beatles.


Basic Science Questions



31. Which animal never drinks water in its life?

Kangaroo Rat.


32. Which is the largest cell ever in the world?

The egg of Ostrich.


33. Which branch of science is called Central Science?



34. Which is the purest form of Iron?

Wrought Iron.


35. Which instrument is used to measure the humidity in the air?



36. Which toxic element is present in the exhaust of vehicles?


37. What is called as white poison?


38. The speed of light with the rise of temperature – Increases, Decreases or Remains same?

Remains Same.


39. Which is the largest human cell?



40. Which part of the sun is visible during a total solar eclipse?



Identify The Personality


41. He is the father of Geometry.



42. She beat the computer processing power in the calculation of mathematical series.

Shakuntala Devi.


43. He is the father of computer programming.

Dennis MacAlistair Ritchie.


44. He is the father of electricity.

Benjamin Franklin.


45. He is the co-founder of Google.

Sergey Brin.


46. He is the co-founder of Microsoft.

Paul Allen.


47. He is the founder of WhatsApp.

Jan Koum.


48. This is the second tallest building in the world. (Not Personality)

Shanghai Tower.


49. He is the inventor of mobile phones.

Martin Cooper.


50. He became the richest person in the world for half a day.

Jeff Bezos.



Next time you visit your regular pub where pub quiz is not held, pitch the concept of organizing pub quiz and driving customers like never before. It would be difficult to answer except some people with highest IQs. Enjoy the Fun. Cheers!!



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