10 Condom MYTHS That You Should Stop Believing!


How many times has it happened that you had certainly prejudiced about objects, but later you understood that your judgment call was absolutely baseless? There are so many myths people have about condoms that prevent many from using it in the right way. Out of all the ten myths listed below, you will find that you too had believed in some of them.



Myth 1 – Age Restriction




Many people especially teenagers believe that one has to be of age 18 to buy a condom from a medical store. There is no such restriction, and some government organizations give it for free to spread social awareness.




Myth 2 – Condom And Its Use




Many people believe that condom is not needed while having oral pleasure or penetration from the rear end. It is completely baseless because a condom is not just for preventing pregnancy, it is also for preventing STDs.




Myth 3 –  No Expiry Date




The majority of the human population believe that condom has no expiry date. Next time, you better check out because it does have an expiry date and it is not safe to use after that specified date.




Myth 4 – Uncomfortable and Less Pleasure




Many people do not use a condom because they think that it is very uncomfortable, odd looking and provides less pleasure. Well, once or twice, it may feel like that, but once you get used to it, it becomes natural.




Myth 5 – Condom and Pills




Many think that condom is not needed when a girl has taken contraceptive pills. Again, it needs to be reiterate that condom will prevent one from diseases related to intercourse while pills cannot.




Myth 6 –  Use Of Double Condoms




Many people think that use of a double condom is better than single because it can give more protection. It is completely wrong. The fact of the matter is that when two condoms are used, there is more chance of leakage due to friction.




Myth 7 – Lubes And Condoms




Some people like to use lubes with condoms, but oil-based lubes can cause leakage in them. Use water-based or silicon-based lubricants.




Myth 8 – Condom During Intercourse Only




Many people use a condom only when they reach near about peaking which is wrong. The reason is that before peaking out,pre-seminal fluid can make a girl pregnant and also the fear of STDs remain as usual.




Myth 9 –  Condom and Allergy



There are people who have an allergy to latex. They should non-latex condoms instead. But the use of a condom is a must.




Myth 10 – Condoms and Straight Couple




It is generally believed that condoms are only for the straight couple which is again wrong. A condom is not only for preventing pregnancy but also for preventing STDs. Gay couples need to use it too.

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