14 Awesome Third Date Ideas That Will Make It Memorable

The first date is generally considered to be the ice breaker. There happens to be a lot of nervousness, constant inputs from the panicky mind and you pretend to be something you are not. But on subsequent dates, you can be who you are, completely open and plan things to make your date memorable.

Couples can afford to be cozy and intimate, and hence, the third date can be classified as breaking the physical barrier. People generally run out of ideas on how to make the third date click like never before. Here are some of the best third date ideas you will work wonders for your relationship.



Try These Third Date Ideas


1. Amusement Park



The amusement park is a great place to hold your third date. It will be thrilling, and with wild rides, you can have some wild and cozy moments. You can have awesome food from the food court, and the third date might just surpass the first one. 

2. Bike Ride



Girls like to ride bikes and hence, you can plan a long bike ride and have a grand time together. While riding on clear roads, you can have a chat and you can even halt near shopping malls and food courts to have quality time together. 


3. On A Beach



If you two plan together, you can have your third date on a beach sitting and lying on the sand at night under the starry sky. The settings and mood both will be perfect, and you would be able to have enough of each other.


4. Expensive Restaurant



There are always some restaurants that we always dream to go, where you can order some expensive foods and enjoy together. But they are so expensive that some of us resist our temptation. your third date can be priceless if you can afford it. It will blow your partner completely, and you will also be able to achieve a common goal in life. 


5. Couple Games



You can invite your partner to your home where you are alone, and you can have some creative and naughty couple games that will make you know each other in depth and get cozy and intimate as per the rules. 


6. A Night Under The Sky



If you can manage, you can turn your roof into a heavenly place where you can have a dinner and spend your third date watching the stars and making wishes. Sure enough, things are going to get intimate when you lie side by side. 


7. Attend Her Favorite Band Concert



Yes, there would be less time for you to have long chit-chat but when you take her to her favorite band concert without telling her before, she will completely give in. You can party together and have awesome food while returning. 

8. Elite Night Club



If you can afford, get passes of an elite night club, and you can have a blast together with DJ, light drinking, awesome food and dancing on the floor like there is no tomorrow. It is going to be the best experience for both of you, and there will be no barrier anymore. 


9. Go For A Picnic



Generally, a picnic is supposed to have a group, but your third date can be unique if the picnic is in between you. This would be adventurous, something new and hence, the fun element will be maximum. Choose a secluded place like near river side where you can both enjoy each others company with interruptions. 


10. Night Boat Ride



Nothing is so romantic as having a boat ride on a lake under the starry sky on a full moon. If you can manage it, you can have the best moments in your life as a whole. You can share a kiss which act as a tonic in a relationship, and the tour will make your partner give in completely. 


11. Make Dinner Together



If you stay alone and if your partner can afford to come to your place at night, you can spend your time making dinner together. This will strengthen your bond, and you will get a feeling that you two are made for each other. Then you can have candlelight dinner in a room designed romantically with lights and decorations. She can even stay at your place if she can manage.

12. Go For A Shopping



If you have the credit card ready, take your girl to a shopping center and make the biggest shopping of your life. There is no secret that the way to a girl's heart lies in shopping. It would be great as you can choose each other's dresses and gift one another. 

13. Visit A Botanical Garden



Botanical gardens are one of the most romantic places on Earth. The greenery, shades, and seats offer the perfect environment and settings to be romantic and speak your heart out. Furthermore, you can get intimate without any eyes around you. 


14. Go For A Hiking



Walking a long distance together provides you the right mood and space to spend quality time together without anyone gazing at you. You can open your heart to one another and have the best conversation and confess your deep feelings. 


It's never late when you are dating someone to know the person in deep. Ideas can be passed to you from every where, if you want some more ideas on dating; why don't you check the second date ideas as well. Again, if you have some other third date ideas that worked wonders, do mention in our comment section.




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