Top 7 Most Deadly Helicopters Attacks Of All Time

When we talk about deadly attacks and wars between nations, we always mention the fighting jets and weapons. However, there are various helicopters used in dangerous attacks and wars to get an edge over the rival easily. These are the most deadly helicopters attacks you probably don’t know about.

Mil Mi-24 Hind (Russia)

Maximum Speed: 335 km/h

Range: 450 km

The Mil Mi-24 is a military aircraft used for carrying out airstrikes. It was developed by Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant. It was first flown on 19th September 1969. This was used in many historical wars such as the Ogaden War (1977-1978) and the Soviet war in Afghanistan (1979-1989).


AH-64E Apache Guardian (USA)

Maximum Speed: 300 km/h

Range: 476 km

The AH-64E (Apache Guardian) is the latest version of the attack helicopter, Boeing AH-64 Apache, used by the Army of the United States. It entered service in the year 2011. A crew of 2 men, including the pilot and the gunner, is required to operate the chopper.


Bell AH-1Z Viper (USA)

Maximum Speed: 411 km/h

Range: 685 km

The four-blade Bell AH-1Z Viper is an American dual-engine attack chopper. A few of its main features include the main rotor system made of composite and a new target sighting system. It was first flown on the 8th of December 2000.


Eurocopter Tiger (France/Germany)

Maximum Speed: 290 km/h

Range: 800 km

The Eurocopter (Airbus Helicopters) Tiger was started to develop during the Cold War. It was at first intended to be used to destroy tanks, but instead, it was developed to use as a multirole attack aircraft. Its chief users are French Army, Australian Army, German Army and Spanish Army.


Agusta A129 Mangusta (Italy)

Maximum Speed: 278 km/h

Range: 510 km

The Agusta A129 Mangusta is a strike aircraft, developed by Agusta, an Italian company. It is known to be the first attack aircraft to be manufactured wholly in the European region. It has a number of variants such as A 129 CBT and AH-129A.


Z-10 (China)

Maximum Speed: 270 km/h

Range: 800 km

The CAIC Z-10 is primarily used for anti-tank missions. It was manufactured by Changhe Aircraft Industries Corporation (CAIC). It can be equipped with a wide range of weapons due to its modular design.


Mil Mi-28 Havoc (Russia)

Maximum Speed: 324 km/h

Range: 435 km

The Mil Mi-28 attack helicopter can be used during the daytime as well as the night, irrespective of any weather conditions. Its first flight took off on the 10th of November 1982. It entered service on 15th October 2009. Russian Air Force, Algerian Air Force and Iraqi Air Force are its primary users. It was used during the Palmyra Battle in the year 2016.








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