10 Bizarre Facts About Ancient Egyptians That Are Hard To Digest

Ancient Egypt was the center of all the mysterious happenings in the ancient world. That is exactly why all researchers, archeologists, and historians find ancient Egypt the most interesting puzzle to work on.

Think of enormous pyramids, preserved mummies, Egyptians rituals and magic practices, advance science applications, painting and drawing of UFOs and aliens, and weird structures of humans and animals. There are 10 Bizzare facts about ancient Egypt and Egyptians that scientists fail to digest.


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1.  Black Magic To Hypnotize Women


The black magic practice of the ancient Egyptians is very popular, and many believed that they still work. They used to follow the Book of Dead to perform weird rituals with the blood of animals and their body parts and create love potions which when a girl takes, she gets attracted to that person forever. The Book Of Death is yet to be fully decoded by the scientists. 


2. Ancient Egyptians Use To Do Pregnancy Test



Ancient Egyptians are called to be the advanced human being of the old age. There were the first in the world to come up with pregnancy tests. The test was performed based on urine and vomit. Women were made to urinate in a special bag contains sand, dates, wheat, and barley and after urinating, if they bag grew in size, she was believed to be pregnant. 


3. Titanic and Cursed Mummy Connection



The priestess of Amun which is believed to be the most haunted and cursed mummy of them all was on board in the Titanic ship. The mummy had the reputation of breaking anything near it when it is dark. 


4. The Curse Of Mummy


There are many evidences to prove that the curse of the mummy of ancient Egyptians is a reality. The people who used to enter and disturb the remains of a mummy would be cursed to death. Scientists found certain molds around the mummy who could make lungs bleed profusely. But they do not know how they used to form. A video was taped in a British museum containing a mummy which showed it could move on its own. 

5. The Inventor Of Air Conditioner?



The temperature inside each of the pyramids is absolutely constant, and it is nearly half the temperature in comparison to the outside. Scientists are still puzzled why it is so and many believed there is a technique to create natural air conditioner that we are yet to know. 


6. Mouse Bones To Prevent Wet Dreams



Ancient Egyptians used to wear a bag of mouse bones to stop the occurrence of wet dreams. They were always sexually charged, and such occurrence was frequent in their dreams. There are some proofs that they were to wear such bags even during intercourse to last longer.


7. Ancient Egyptians Used Toothpaste?


There are various evidences found that show ancient Egyptians were very particular about dental hygiene. There are painting and drawings of using toothpaste. Archeologists have also found ashes, burnt eggshells, ox hooves and even toothpicks that used to be packed for mummies.

8. Makeup Was Prevalent In Ancient Egypt



Egyptian men and women use to wear a lot of makeup all through day and night. There are many portable cosmetics box found, and there were different makeup for different rituals and practices. 


9. The Noseless Town


There was a town in ancient Egypt named Rhinocolura where noseless people used to stay. Historians say that they were criminals and hence, they were punished by cutting their noses. Rhinocolura was a town of the harshest environment, and many researchers believe that weird noselessness has more mystery than it seems. 


10. Ancient Egyptians Used To Remove All Body Hair



Ancient Egyptians used to go to the extreme to remove all their body hair including hair on head regularly. This included women who were also bold. But they used to put on wigs instead. It could be due to heat or hygiene, but some historians say that they wanted to look like reptiles. 


If you have come across any such bizarre facts about ancient Egypt, do mention them in the comment. Ancient Egypt makes history interesting to explore. 


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