The Most Expensive Mobile Phones In The World

If you think that the flagship smartphones of the popular companies in the smartphone world, you must see the most expensive mobile phones in the world. People are willing to shell out their fortune for a smartphone that can be as expensive as it can be. Starting from gold smartphones to diamond ones, nothing seems to be impossible and check out these most expensive mobile phones.

Black Diamond iPhone

Price: $15.3 million

Stuart Hughes is the man behind this glamorous creation. The renowned UK-based luxury-items designer re-created an iPhone 5 model with 135 grams of 24-carat gold, and a rare black diamond. The screen is of sapphire, and the Apple logo on its backside is studded with 53 pure diamond stones. It took nine weeks to build this handset.


Diamond Rose iPhone 4 32 GB

Price: $8 million

This stunning phone is re-created from Apple’s iPhone 4 (32 GB memory) model. Stuart Hughes handcrafted the phone with 500 diamonds including the 53-studded-diamond Apple logo. The edges of the phone are composed of rose gold. The chest, housing the handset, is of granite.


Diamond Crypto Smartphone

Price: $1.3 million

Mr. Peter Aloisson (a renowned Austrian jeweler), along with JSC Ancort company, created this luxurious phone. The handset consists of both wooden and metallic parts. The body is of platinum, and the navigation key and the Ancort logo are of 18 carats rose gold. The backside and the edges are of Macassar ebony. The border area on the rear side of the phone is of natural blue diamonds.


GoldVish Le Million

Price: $1.3 million

The Swiss product constitutes 120-carat diamonds and 18-carat gold. Platinum is also there in some of its parts. In 2006, the Guinness Book of World Record enumerated it as the costliest and most exclusive gadget in the world.


Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot

Price: $1 million

Gresso’s costliest model, Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot, is an amalgamation of black diamonds, sapphire, and 18-carat gold. It also makes use of a 200-year-old African Blackwood. Only 3 units of the model are being produced to date.


Vertu Signature Cobra

Price: $310,000

Even though the phone only supports 2G, the use of two types of precious stones-rubies and emeralds makes the phone among the costliest in the world. The limited-edition handset consists of 439 rubies. The unique feature of the phone is its design, which includes a snake figure, coiling the handset. The eyes of the snake figure are up of emeralds.


VIPN Black Diamond Smartphone

Price: $300,000

Sony Ericsson’s unique model, VIPN Black Diamond, is one of the expensive gadgets in the world. It consists of 2 diamonds, one on the rear side (on the navigation button at the center), and the other on the backside.






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