7 Real Objects With Supernatural Powers That Exist

We are always fascinated by the supernatural powers and that is why movies on such powers are not popular. It is more like getting fascinated by magic. However, we all know that such things cannot exist in reality. But there are many objects in the real world that seem to have supernatural powers. It is a matter of believing to some extent but there are many pieces of evidence for such believing.

Busby’s Stoop Chair

Thomas Busby was an alcoholic and often turned out to be violent. It was in the year 1702; he was under arrests for his father-in-law’s murder. There was a roadside inn that soon became Bubsy’s inn. This roadside inn was haunted by Bubsy’s ghost. Those pilots of World War II start thinking that this chair is unlucky.

The Munlochy Clootie Well

This Munlochy lies in the northern part of Scotland. This place is very famous for clootie well. There is an ample number of wells in Scotland and most of them are set up above springs. A piece of cloth that is a stick in a round way on the branches of a cootie tress is a clootie.

The Nanteos Cup

This cup is suitable for healing variety of health-related problems. This is made of wood and is now on display at the library of Wales. It is in poor condition at present because this was useful for healing many problems. But there was a rule of depositing some security in order to have secured returning of the cup.

The Hand Of Glory

This human hand is on display at Whitby Museum and people call it to be a Hand of Glory. This was available at the wall of an ancient cottage during the 20th century. This is a hand of a criminal and is useful for lighting as a candle by the buglers as its fingers dipped into a special wax

John Dee’s Crystal

John Dee was an astrological and scientific adviser. He was also a mathematician and knew a bit about medical ideas. There was a mirror that let him communicate with angels. This angel gifted him a crystal that was purple in color and this was useful to predict the future.

The Bell Of St, Mura

The angles bring this bell to the earth. This bell was attractive and people were able to witness this bell falling from heaven. By the time the entire village will assemble together this bell stopped ringing. People can see that the clapper separating itself and leaving the bell alone to come down to the earth.

Drake’s Drum

This drum belongs to Sir Francis Drake who was an explorer and adventurer. He died in the year 1596 and this drum is one of the remaining among many possessions that that was useful to signal an attack on them. However, this drum was not so important for Drake. There is a story that whenever England is about to face any kind of dangerous problems than drum beat itself as a signal of warning.

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