Top 7 Unusual But Unique Flowers in the World

Flowers are one of the most beautiful things in the world. Just like bird watching, flower watching has become a hobby for many and it is something that can make your mood cheerful instantly. However, there are always some exceptions and today, we are bringing the most unusual and unique flowers in the world you must not have seen before.

Buddhist Udumbara

Discovered a few years back, these white and mini flowers have mesmerizing fragrance. The word ‘Udumbara’ has the word of origin in Sanskrit and it stands for a charming flower from Heaven’. Probably, a nun from China was the first person to see these flowers in the year 2010. With the small diameter of 1-mm, these flowers bloom after every 3000 years. A Buddhist legend said that this Buddhist Udumbara flower bloomed for the last time before Buddha was born.

Sea Poison Tree

Originated in the coastal areas of Pacific Ocean and India, these flowers exactly look like the pompom of the cheerleaders after fully bloomed. With the hue of light pink and white, these flowers come with a gentle scent, which you can enjoy throughout the night. The moths and bats feel attracted towards the smell of these flowers.

Lithops Weberi             


Lithops Weberi is one of the strangest planets on Earth. The succulent plant has its origin from Native South Africa. The meaning of this Greek-originated name is the plant which has a stone-like appearance. These plants generally stay close to the ground. The bulbous leaves of the plants are transparent and support better photosynthesis. They hide their beautiful yellow flowers into their rock-like bodies to keep them protected from insects.

Lady’s Slipper Orchid

Found in the UK, these flowers are one of the most unique species of orchids. The yellow part of these flowers looks exactly like a shoe of ladies, that is where the flower’s name came from. This precious flower is popular enough that it has its bodyguard for the Chelsea Flower Show each year.

Night Blooming Cereus

This unique flower is the Queen of the night at dessert. The flowers with multiple creamy-white petals just look like a trumpet. With the length of 8 and width of 4-inch, the auspicious plants bloom their flowers for one midsummer night of June or July. The lustrous fragrance of the flowers stays only for a night and the petals close for eternity when the first ray of sun touches the ground.

Corpse Flower

This flower is widely known as the largest flower across the globe. The Rafflesia flower smells like rotten flesh, so people call it corpse flower as well. This flower usually comes with the measurement of 3-feet width and does not have any sort of noticeable leaves or stems.

Round-Leaved Sundew

Being a part of carnivorous plants, the rarest flowers of these plants just look like a tiny firework. In the place of petals, the flowers consist of gluey gleams. The gleams look beautiful in the Sunlight and the insects feel attracted towards the flowers. In this way, they hunt down their foods from nature.




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