7 Reasons To stop Jerking-off (masturbation) Right Now!


We live in the 21st century where nothing is a taboo, and everything is offensive to some part or the other of the society. So here goes, an article about "Why you shouldn't masturbate!  Fortunately (or unfortunately), this article applies only to the male community's wanking habits. Yes, we have no qualms about women pleasuring themselves (for now ). Occasionally, men find time to release some stress from their bodies. Some smoke, some take a drink, others go for a drive and so on. But all of these men have one stress buster in common. Yup! Beating off to some heinous/pleasant pornography (we aren't going to dive into the different kinds of kinks here). But long have we, men pondered if it is actually the right thing to do, no we're not talking about the deep regret you have after the act! So here are some proven facts that give you reasons for holding off that urge.




1. Possibly reduced lifespan!




Several types of research have been conducted on "other" animals for the benefit of man. And these studies have all pointed to one direction, an organism that has had sex lived for a shorter period than the organism of the same species that hasn't had a discharge in its whole life. In addition to this ancient Taoist scriptures have explicitly asked men to stay off of relieving yourself every now and then for a longer life, and Taoist monks and sages are the masters of long life, with a large number of them living longer than the average man.




2. Drainage of precious energy!



Men have often used masturbation as a shortcut to falling asleep quickly, just because of the draining effect it has on the body. But that isn't what we're out to discuss here. The Semen is considered to be the life-force of humanity, and also that it has an enormous amount of energy stored within it. With the discharge of this precious goo, it is found that the whole system is taxed, and lethargy sets in.




3. Loss of confidence/Being unable to approach women!




All the dating coaches in the world advise you to limit the number of times you masturbate. The simple idea behind this is that every time you masturbate, you are telling your body that you just procreated and hence enter into a mental state where you lose the motivation to actually procreate ( ie, to go meet women you find attractive). 




4. Showing less care toward your significant other!




Another side-effect and an extension of the previous point, uncontrolled masturbation makes you lose interest in real life women, and tend to become desensitized to them. Making you care lesser and lesser for her. 




5. Addiction to pornography!




Many addicted men find it difficult to get and/or maintain an erection throughout the actual act and quickly get bored, because, it isn't how they fantasized about in their minds. Watching an exceeding amount of porn can get your mind inured to the unreal scenes that unfold in front of your (touching) self, making actual sex boring and uninteresting! Watch the movie – Don Jon (2013) for a detailed realization.




6. Extreme remorse after the act




Not one man is a stranger to the guilt that is felt right after jerking off. Many believe that this is due to the religious center of our minds, but many who don't believe in religion (atheists) still feel depressed and remorseful after they have reached orgasm. The straightforward cure to this guilt is to stop masturbation. Period. 



7. Reduced productivity!




This is one of the most debated topics in the world of men: Does masturbation affect our productivity on the whole? Studies have shown that men who don't masturbate or aren't that addicted to masturbation, tend to focus on and get work done, while the contrasting male populace was found to be getting things done in a haphazard manner just so that they can get back to that stash of porn as quickly as possible!


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