35 Girlfriend Tag Questions to Know How Much she Knows You


The latest trend in the vlogging arena is tagging your boyfriend/girlfriend with some hilarious and other curious questions that they have got to answer truthfully, all in front of a camera! They girl here has to answer immediately without a pause, whatever comes to her mind first. That way the vlogger will know the truth as is.


Unlike many other lists of questions where you have to choose between two choices or perform a dare or say a truth, this is purely based on how well your girl knows you and your world. Check out some of those questions that strengthen your bond, below.



Romantic and not-so-romantic questions



1. Do you remember where we met?


This is probably the most important one for your girl, but if you value what you two have, it's gonna be important for you too.


2. Who amongst the two of us said the L word first?


The wonderful word hat takes the relationship to the next level, does she remember it? Or have you said it yet?


3. What is the weirdest thing about me?


There has got to be that something weird, that all guys possess. 


4. Which is the one sport that I love the most?


We guys love sports, generally and your girl needs to know what sport you love!


5. What am I "average at best" at?


There's something that guys think they are the best at, but really just average. What could it be in your girl's eyes


6. What is the one movie that always has me in "man" tears?


Guys are known to be tough creatures, but sometimes things move us, what is it?


7. Which is my go-to holiday destination?


This one is just basic, she absolutely has to know this.


8. I'm heading to a restaurant, which one will it be?


Each guy would have one restaurant that he absolutely loves to eat at.


9. Name one positive personality trait that you love about me.


You girl would have seen some things in you that she would've loved, ask her to name her fav!


10. What is the nickname that my friends have given me?


Every guy has a weird nickname from their buddies, does she know of it?


11. Who is my most loved movie actor/actress?


Guys generally have a man crush and have many crushes on actresses.


12. What was our last argument about?


You might forget this but not her!


Casual Questions



13. What is my favorite pass time?


She might have screwed you for doing way too much of this.


15. Would you call me a morning person or an evening person?


You girl would surely have a say in this. 


16. Am I a hiking or pubs and party guy?


This is like asking if you like to hit the pub and get wasted or just like to go out and enjoy the nature.


17. If I won $10,000 in a lottery what would I do with it?


You girl would probably spend it all on shopping.


18. Where did we go for our first date?


This will have a special place in her heart.


19. One thing I am totally terrified of?


Your fear, apart from the wrath of your girlfriend, of course.


Questions on your social life 



20. Who is my one BFF?


This is a rather easy one, she doesn't even have to try.


21. Who is the one person I ignore on social media and my life?


This might be two different people or just one.


22. Where was I born?


One that is a bit personal and a must know for a long time girlfriend.


23. Do you like my name?


This is a doozy, but still most women like their guys' names.


24. What song do we just love (our song)?


This could be anything from that one that was playing at the mall you met or a movie score you both went to for the first time ever.


25. What did you think of me when we first met?


A straight forward question, tag her.


About-you questions



26. What would my weekend look like?


If she truly knows you, then she knows this one.


27. What song do I enjoy the most?


A song that you play over, and over and over again.


28. When or where did we first share a kiss?


The first kiss is a thing that all the women in this world would have marked in their heart's calendar.


29. Name something embarrassing about me.


Something like a weird behavior in public, maybe.


30. If you wanted to change one thing about me, what is it?


We all know that that thing is never gonna change!


31. Do I like your galpals?


A neat way of telling her that you like them or not.


32. Which is my favorite shirt?


The one shirt that probably looks dorky on you, but you think is cool?


33. Which quality of mine has instantly repelled you from me in the past?


A blast from the past!


34. What am I the best at?


An honest answer to this is the only way to go.


35. What is the one activity that I absolutely hate?


Every guy has that one activity, maybe a chore, or even exercising.


With that, we come to the end of our list. Maybe your girlfriend tries out on you, and you should be prepared for this; check out our article on boyfriend tag questions to get ready to face your girlfriend with ease.


If you want to continue this loads of fun and want to know your relationship better, then try out the relationship tag questions in which you both have to answer to a romantic list of tag questions.


Let us know if you liked these girlfriend tag question down below in the comments and reaction sections. 



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