25 Weird WikiHow Pages You Won’t Believe Exist On The Internet

Which is the first website that you get most of the time when you search for a 'How To ' article? Just as Wikipedia is the source of all the information about any topic, WikiHow is the largest database having all the different types of How To articles.

There are over 2 million registered users and over 2 lakh free How To articles. When there is a need to create all the possible 'How To' article, you know there would be some bizarre and completely absurd topics. We have curated 25 such weird WikiHow pages that will blow your mind.



1. Want To Become A Ghost and Scare People?




There is no better way to take revenge on someone than becoming a ghost and scare him/her. If you are a lunatic and try it out, you need to visit a mental asylum more than the link mentioned.


2. How To Practice Nudity In Your Family?




If you want to be an adult star in future, it is better to practice your moves at home with your family members. This is the height of weirdness.


3. Want To Find A Hot Friend On Facebook?




Everyone wants to have hot friends on friend list to chat and flirt with. When there is a demand, WikiHow always creates such an article. In just steps, you can get hot friends. Too hot to handle!


4. Want Someone To Love You?




Why not try a love spell? If you are completely obsessed with someone and lost your mind completely, you will not search such insane topics to find way outs. 


5. Want To Make Your Own Country?




Follow the 12 easy steps to create your own country, name it after you and start ruling it. It is the height of self-confidence.


6. Convert Your Imagination Into Reality!




You will come across many young girls on social media sites who profile names are like "Angel", "Goddess" and what not. This article aims to make a person a fairy in real life. A dream come true experience. 


7. Calculating Pi By Throwing Frozen Hot Dogs?




Does the topic make any sense to you? You must have heard of throwing a pie on someone's face. But with this article, you can determine the value of Pi and that too by frozen hot dogs. What a combination. 


8. How To Fart Quietly?




It is a common question we all have in mind, and this article demonstrates it in simple steps. Totally hilarious! 


9. How to Create Sounds With Your Armpit?




If you have nothing else in life to do, you might enjoy being a music director and produce awkward sounds from your armpit.


10. How To Annoy People In Elevators?




If you are willing to get beaten by people for your mischievous action, go ahead and read it and try it out. Carry a first-aid box, please!


11. Fool People Into Your Immortality




If you think that you can fool people into anything, read out this article and fool people into thinking that you are immortal. 


12. Want To Contact JK Rowling?




Have a new plot in your mind, and JK Rowling is the perfect author to pitch your idea, the article tells you the ways to contact JK Rowling. 

13. How To Communicate With Horse?




We all know girls like horses because of physical pleasure they receive while riding. If they want more they can communicate the same to horses!


14. Caught Your Girlfriend Cheating?




What could be worse than seeing your girlfriend naked in bed with another guy? Learn how to react if your brain no more exists in your skull.


15. Fall In Love With Water!




If you are single and tired of waiting for a girl or boy, you can fall in love with the taste of water in the meantime and have a good every day being one with your lover.


16. How To Listen To Music?




This article is for those who can hear clearly and are not deaf. If you want to waste 10 minutes of your life reading the article in the link, go ahead. 


17. Peeing In Traditional Way Is Too Mainstream?




There could be situations when women may like to pee standing up like men. One of such a case if when a girl is drunk, and this article will be a perfect read for them.


18. How To Trust A Wife?




This is a very commonly asked question by men and if you belong to that group, go ahead and read it when you wife is not around.


19. How To Think and Live Like Sherlock Holmes?




If any adult person is searching such topic, it is definite that such persons need to leave the planet.


20. How To Be Unforgettable?




Who does not want to be immortal? But it is always our action and achievement that makes us unforgettable. Read the article and may be you can achieve immortality.


21. How To Avoid Laughing At Obese Girls?




You won't believe that up till April 2017, this page actually existed. It is probably due to anti-bullying campaign on the internet that that page was deleted for good.



22. How To Read A Book?




A person who does not know how to read a book, WikiHow expects them to read such an article. What an irony!


23. How To Charge A Phone?




If you do not know how to charge a phone, you must be either an alien or an ancient human being. It looks like the article is written targeting exactly such people/extraterrestrials. 


24. Want To High Five Your Friends?




Giving a high five is the most basic thing you can do with your hand. Even a baby can do it, but some people have actually searched for the article! 


25. Do You Want To Apologize To A Cat?




Well, a cat does not signify a wild girl here, if you were hoping that. You can apologize to a cat in such a way that it understands your apologetic behavior and may forgive you. 


Have you come across such pages on WikiHow ever and what are some of the weird How-To things you searched on WikiHow? Do mention them in the comment section. 



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