11 Signs That You Are Dating A Girl Not A Woman!

are you dating a girl or a woman? The question may sound silly but it can have a significant impact on your love life. It is said that if you want to be in a casual relationship just for fun and pleasure, you should date a girl. But if you want a serious relationship that can culminate in marriage and stability in life, you should date a woman.

Men often get attracted to girls not just of their physical features but also of their behaviors. While some prefer to have someone with matured thoughts, others tend to look for girls with kiddish nature. Here are the 11 signs that will prove that you’re dating a girl and not a woman.



1. Considering As the Most Beautiful:



What a girl does is to show off her physical beauty to others. She considers herself as the most beautiful one. On the contrary, a woman will try to act mature and sensibly and even though if she knows she’s beautiful, she will only take it as her personal strength.


2. Relying Financially on the Man:



A girl will rely financially on the man she dates. Your girl will treat you like an ATM and you will have to fulfill all her needs. However, a woman is financially independent. She becomes reluctant even to accept a gift.


3. Attention Seeker:



What a woman wants is respect. She has own self-dignity and loves to get adored by one person. What a girl wants is attention. She does not want a single adorer but wants to get adored by many.


4. No Respect for Body:



When it comes to body, a woman considers it sacred. It is one of her biggest assets. She has a sensibility of staying fit. For a girl, she cherishes gift, shoes, and handbags more than her body. A girl does not know the importance of having a sacred body.


5. Accepting or Rejecting:



What a woman does is that she takes time to decide to choose a person. But a girl is inconsistent and she accepts or rejects the proposal without thinking beyond. A woman has a passion for life and a girl takes more than what she gives.


6. Behaving like a Kid:



During any displeasure, what a woman does is that she handles the situation with maturity. She acts like an adult and takes a wise decision. What a girl does is that she acts like kids and throws tantrums. She screams, cries, and also becomes aggressive.


7. Acting like a Princess:



A woman has her own standard. She does not expect more from others. Whereas a girl considers herself to be a princess and likes to be treated like one. She demands more and wants her desires to get fulfilled.


8. Unable to Make Decisions:



A girl relies on her family members to take any decisions. She has no idea on what needs to be done and how to deal with any situation. Whereas, a woman is self-dependent. She is smart enough to take her own decisions and does not bother others with her personal problems.


9. Clicking Selfies:



A girl loves clicking selfies. She clicks numerous picks with several facial expressions. A woman acts sensible, even if she is fond of clicking pictures, she would prefer to click with groups rather then turning her face.


10. Loyal to a Relationship:



A woman is known to love. She is true to her relationship when dating any person. Whereas, a girl is known to play games. She is quick to make friends and leaves her old friends for a new one.


11. Unable to Keep Secrets:



A girl loves to talk about her boyfriend. She wants people to know how handsome her boyfriend is and discloses the entire secret. A woman is sensible. She will never let anyone know that she’s dating someone except her few besties.


You must have found your answer and this is going to help to deal with your dating girl better and maybe make a switch in future. 



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