How To Work From Home Without Any Distraction?

If you are an IT professional, you must be working from work these days due to lockdown situation. However, there are many who are finding it hard to work from home due to a lot of distractions around. Here is what you can do to avoid the distraction and create a perfect workspace for your job.

Create a dedicated workstation

The main step to keep in mind is to generate a devoted workplace in your home. Make sure that your family members consider your working room at home as your office lobby. They should consider you aren’t at home. They shouldn’t ask you for help in running family tasks or do the household chores. You’ll have to assure that only official activities take place in that specified room and set off all distractions like television or loud music playing around.

Dress like you dress for office

Experts state that what we wear influences how we behave. If we doll up for work it will perk us up while we’re working at home too and add to our productivity. For instance, when we put on our PJs or loungewear, we tend to loosen up and end up feeling lousy with added disruption. Equally, when we wear our white clothes or formal dress, our brain feel activated and set for serious work.

Rule of 52 and 17

The logic of this rule is quite simple. We should take regular breaks amid works to help ourselves keep going and elevate our productivity. The tactic for this rule of 52 and 17 is, set an alarm to dodge being monotonously motionless. While on break, you can fill in the water bottle or stretch your limbs. According to a survey, several dynamic people take a 17-minute break for every 52 minutes work.

Set strict working hours 

It is very significant to keep stern working shifts, just like the office, and have a plan. You can be simply tempted to drop your motivation and delay your work with the missing office shifts or like the regular 9-5 working hours. You may be lured by the idea that you got the whole day to yourself. This can be risky because you might be left with no time.

Keep in touch with co-workers 

To help fasten up and add to your production seek how your colleagues are maintaining their work even in the worrying times. One of the main benefits of functioning in an office is that our co-workers keep us driven. Talk or chat with your co-workers often and uphold their work status to boost your enthusiasm. Seeking updates, deliberations, and gathering from co-workers will lessen the possibility of mounting lax when working at home.


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