13 Mind blowing Facts about The Big Bang Theory that Every Fan Should Know!


The Big Bang Theory and Game of Thrones, two completely different shows, one being an out and out comedy while the other is a tremendous gore fest! Nevertheless, the two shows are constantly vying fo the top spot regarding viewership. And we have to admit that TBBT in general, has come out on top most of the time. So now that it has been established that it is the most watched show on TV, we can look further int some of the lesser known facts about the Big Bang Theory if all that binge watching wasn't enough to satiate your TBBT-thirst!



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1. Real Ph.D. Holder Amy!



Mayim Bialik who portrays Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler is the only one who actually has a Ph.D. in the entire cast.




2. A bee species is named after BAZINGA!



Euglossa bazinga is the name given to a newly discovered species of bees in the Brazillian rainforest in 2013.




3. Penny & Leonard were dating in real life!



Kaley Cuoco (Penny) confessed in 2010 in an interview that she and her her co-star John Galecki (Leonard) had been dating for two years, earlier but not anymore.




4. The same floor used for all the floors in the show!



In the show, the cast is shown to climb three flights of stairs to reach their apartments, but in fact, it is just one floor that they get down and climb up 3 times.




5. The Flash and The Big Bang Theory connection




In the flash, Cisco Ramon wear T-shirts that have TBBT references like Bazinga! or This is my spot on them and in The Big Bang, Sheldon loves to and is seen wearing the Flash T-shirt many, many times!



6. Stuart's comic book store internship before acting!



Kevin Sussman who plays TBBT's Stuart Bloom was working at a comic book store before he actually became an actor, so experience and all that! cheeky




7. The unaired pilot episode where there was no Penny!




In the very first pilot episode that was scrapped off, Penny wasn't included, but there was Katie played by Amanda Walsh, Sheldon likes women with big asses and apparently loooves girls! WOW, that would've sucked!




8. Real physics equations, always!



The physics equations that we see on the boards of Sheldon and Leonards' are actual physics equations, and have also been verified by working physicists to be valid!




9. Sheldon & Penny are the world's highest paid TV actors!



Jim Parsons (Sheldon) & Kaley Cuoco (Penny) are the world's highest paid TV actors according to Forbes as they earned $29 million and $28.5 million respectively from June 1, 2015, to June 1, 2015.




10. No two atom animations seen between scenes (bumpers) are the same!



The little animations of the atom with its nucleus and the electrons rotating about it that we see before the scene is switched, they are completely different each time they are shown! Observe.




11. Banned in China!



Who doesn't love the Big Bang Theory? It's hilarious. Well, the answer to that question is, the Chinese, or at least the Chinese govt. It is banned in China for it's "offensive" content!




12. Howard's mother was killed off when the actual voice over actress died!



Howard's mother Debbie Wolowitz, whose face we have never seen but only heard her voice, was portrayed by Carol Ann Susi, who died due to cancer on 11.11.2014 and so Debbie was killed off in the show.




13. Leonard's glasses don't have actual lenses in them



Most of the time Galecki's character, Leonard's spectacles have no lenses in them. We're no experts, but maybe this is to prevent the glaring effect from all the light on the set!




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