5 Facts only A Real Fans of FRIENDS would know! No.5 is sure to shock you!


As popular as your favorite show F.R.I.E.N.D.S. is, so are the characters of this epic series, including the side characters who add nothing but all the more humor to the show. Remember, the friend-zoned Gunther, or the ever-shady Estelle, or the Oh-My-God Janice? Of course, you do. But, besides them, the non-human characters of the show are pretty unforgettable too, aren’t they? Read on for some super interesting facts about the creatures that appeared on the show!


1. Mrs. Whiskerson


Remember the cat thinking of which you’d pray this one doesn’t have nine lives? The “snake-like” and “inside out” Mrs. Whiskerson was actually a very sweet cat, according to James Michael Tyler, the actor who played Gunther. But he also admitted that it was odd to touch and had to be put on collar “in a very humane way” because of its nervousness and hence scurry behavior, in accordance to audience’s laughter roars. Ouch!




2. Marcel


Marcel, the illegal, exotic monkey that Ross (David Schwimmer) had, was actually played by a female monkey named “Katie”. The episode “The one after the Superbowl” became the most watched one in the history of the show, thanks to her! Or maybe not but she’s a cute monkey, must’ve made her contribution.




3. The Duck


Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe Buffay) was actually afraid of the duck. Didn’t seem like so when she played with it, no? Actors!




4. Ugly White Dog


One would wonder how they thought of putting an ugly dog statue in the show. Well, the inspiration of it came with a present! In reality, that “thing” belonged to Jennifer Aniston (Rachel Green). It was a good-luck gift from her friend at the commencement of the show. Lucky charms work eh!




5. Chappy


Chappy, the white Bolognese dog appeared in Phoebe’s wedding. It was one of the most hilarious scenes of the show when Mike, played by Paul Rudd, handed it over to Ross who happily accepted it; only to know later that Chandler (Matthew Perry) gets to walk with the bride. Fun fact? Bolognese dogs actually love to play and gallop in snow. Scientist much, Ross?



With these facts, you are sure to flaunt your “Friends” knowledge, aren’t you? Well, have fun! And don’t forget to post your comments on how you impressed your friends. Cheers!

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