Astonishing Hidden Gem Places in London

There are many places people go when they visit London. However, there are certain hidden places that most of the travelers do not know about. Here is the list of those hidden gem places in London that you can visit when you go to London.

The Clermont Club

This place is suitable for luxury and wealth. The indoor of the casino is like actual-life James Bond movie set. The superior society gamblers of London sponsored the casino for over 40 years. And which is incorporated in an 18th-century townhouse constructed by William Kent.

Middlesex Hospital Chapel

The mosaic decorations are resonant of Eastern Orthodox churches.  There’s striking stained-glass windows and reinstated lighting truly make this chapel a welcome haven in a growingly frantic city. The chapel is now located by 21st-century office blocks and flats – a lone island of beauty in a sea of cliché.

Sir John Soane’s Museum

It’s a strange experience to look at architecturally amazing displays in such a splendid space, but it works. Sir John Soane was a star architect of the Regency era before becoming a professor of architect at the Royal Academy. His museum is yet more incredible.

The Royals Court of Justice

The rooms are attractively designed, just like the rest of this intimidating yet enchanting building. Ironically, it’s resonant of the illegal pattern of bear-baiting. The building took eight years to finish and was launched in 1882 by Queen Victoria.  It was designed by Gothic Revivalist Street.

Masonic Temple at the Andaz Hotel

Lots of events are conducted at this dazzling space from product launches, weddings, and burlesque shows. HBO even utilized the Masonic Temple for their Game of Thrones in 2015. The design was intensified by Ancient Greece and built with 12 types of marble from Italy.

Draper’s Hall

You can get married here, set a dinner party or a charitable function.  You’ll have the best party in town.  Because it has the intensifying chandeliers, marble statues, and ornately decorated plastic ceilings. Today the Draper’s Company is a charitable establishment that functions from London’s concealed architectural gems.

Crossness Pumping Station

This space is evidence that the supremely utilitarian facet of civilization & don’t need to be lacking of beauty. The exquisite ironwork, delicately repainted, is resonant of arts and crafts era wallpaper. The Crossness Pumping Station saved countless lives from cholera outbreaks alone, and the Great Stink of 1858.

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