Top 7-Star Luxury Hotels In The World

We have all heard of 5-star, 6-star, 7-star of hotels and we wonder why are they so named. Well, hotels have to earn these stars based on what they provide to the customers and there are various parameters on which these hotels are starred. The following list contains the top 7-star exotic hotels.

Taj Palace, Udaipur, India

Taj Palace is one of Rajasthan’s most prominent ranking 7-star deluxe hotels famous for its grace. It is a lavish hotel in the center of Lake Pichola, a royal 18th century whitewashed palace. The rooms are airy, comfortable, and lavish. The interior has pleasing sight of the hilltop.

Hotel Plaza Athenee, Paris

This hotel has gray walls and extravagant castings to backdrop Louis XIV decoration. The hotel is in Paris best shopping and it extends stunning sights. The suites are directly opposite the Eiffel Tower. The hotel has a modern-day Art Deco approach and retro furnishings.

Hotel President Wilson, Geneva Switzerland

This hotel is home to the globe’s leading and most classy suite. It is one of Geneva’s main lavish locations facing the outstanding sight of Mont Blanc on Lake Leman. The deluxe facilities comprise a luxury spa suite with a private Jacuzzi, sauna, and spas.

Signiel Seoul, South Korea

This is a wonderful deluxe and pricey hotel in South Korea. It has Michelin star chefs for its restaurants and helicopter transfers for its concerned visitors. The hotel guests will have entry to Asia’s prime champagne bar and stunning sights of the cityscape of Seoul.

Laucala Island Resort, Fiji

This resort is the earth’s most gorgeous private island in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, Fiji. It is set in the center of the coconut plantation, sandy beaches, green mountains, and stunning natural backdrops. There are events on the island, like a paddle with a transparent bottom kayak.

Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi, UAE

The structure of the Emirates Palace is strikingly costly. It looks like a mysterious monarchy with the finest amenities in the globe within your grasp. Each dish served is scattered by powdered gold from camel burgers to the cappuccino. The suites with gold delivery are lavish.

Four Seasons Hotel, New York

This hotel is one of the city’s most iconic and the top option for deluxe leisure or business journeys. It has natural light with panoramic sights park and stunning city landscape. The rooms have a classic pine design.

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