Hottest Hollywood Actresses Who Are Not So Famous!

Getting a break into Hollywood is a dream come true but staying there for long is a matter of luck. There are many talented actresses who fade away after a few movies. There are also some hottest actresses who fail to make a cut for long. Here is the compilation of the hottest Hollywood actresses you might have forgotten.

Alison Brie

Alison is an American actress and she is 37. She isn’t renowned according to a few of her fans. She plays as Annie Edison on NBC sitcom and Mad Men. She is married to actor Dave Franco in 2017. She appeared in small roles in movies; How to be single and Get Hard.


Laura Haddock

She married Sam Claflin a heartthrob who came out as a superstar in no time; who needs fame anyway, on second thought. Laura took up a small role in the Guardians of the Galaxy. She perhaps looks pretty much like Angelina Jolie. However, she has her own persona.


Minka Kelly

Minka is 39 years old and a strikingly attractive American actress and features inside roles. Minka is known for TV series, a thriller ‘The roommate’, and Friday night lights. She is well-known to a confined audience and there are still many who don’t recognize her.


Diora Baird

She tweeted previously that ‘You nearly saw me as the Green Girl in Star Trek’. It is about ‘nearly’ or ‘perhaps’ for this actress, unfortunately. Diora is an American actress and she’s is 36. She’s also a former model and appeared in Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Wedding Crashers.


Morena Baccarin

She appears in TV shows like Gotham and Homeland. Many may recognize her by face but not by name. Morena is a Brazillian American actress from the notable movie, Deadpool and also go on for the sequel. She is gorgeous and can lure the hearts as soon as she comes on screen.


Zuleyka Silver

She’s stunning but couldn’t make it for long in Hollywood. She is good at modeling which is where she should concentrate on. Zuleyka is a Mexican actress, a fashion model, and 28 years old. She featured in the movie ‘In Time’ with Justin Timberlake, which everyone definitely knows.


Ali Cobrin

Ali is 30 years old and quite innocent and pleasing simultaneously. She is an American actress who is finely identified for her roles in the TV series ‘Look’. She also played roles in movies, for instance, American Reunion and Neighbors.

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