Creepy Stories Of 11 Mysterious Islands Will Blow Your Mind

If you think deeply, islands are one of the scariest regions as if they are totally isolated from the rest of the world. It may sound cool to discover a mysterious island and dig up the treasures but the reality is scary.

There are several such islands discovered where they were found to contain terrifying shipwrecks and atolls, abandoned hospitals and nuclear sites, and vicious wildlife and cannibalism. Here are the astonishing stories of 11 such mysterious and some uninhabited islands that will give you nightmare. 



1. Tiburon Island, Mexico


It is the largest island in Mexico and occupied by people called Seri who are cannibals. It is said that the island contains various precious metals like gold and anybody who tries to visit and steal or mine them, Seri group attacks and eats them up. Several investigators and explorers have disappeared without any trace. 


2. Palmyra Atoll, Hawaii



The place is considered to be possessed by demons. No other atoll or island has seen so many shipwrecks and reports of lost ships around its region. It is said that there is hidden treasure inside it but sightings of ghosts of the dead soldiers are a common happening. 


3. Miyake-Jima Island, Japan



There is an active volcano on this island and if you want to stay there, you can do so only with a gas mask. There are only 2415 people staying there at present and the island has to be cleared from time to time when the volcano becomes active to erupt. You will feel weird to live there because the people look bizarre with their masks on. 

4. Barsa-Kelmes, Kazakhstan


This island is called the land of no return. There are so many reports of people disappearing and there are many curious cases of people aging decades within a few years. There are talks of flying lizards who are blamed for killing people. 


5. The Isola La Gaiola, Italy



The owners of the houses in this small islands have been observed to get either murdered, drowned, or become mental patients. The island and its houses are considered cursed.

6. Floating Islands of Lake Titicaca



This is a manmade island made by the Uros tribe and has some eerie significance. it was created to avoid conflicts with other tribes and it is made of woven reeds that keep floating on the lake. 


7. Gozo Island, Malta



This place is full of temples, observatories, and catacombs that are older than pyramids. If pyramid fascinates you, this is going to blow your mind. Nobody knows who built them and how was it built without any modern machine. 


8. Easter Island, Chile


This island has nearly 900 large statuses that were made out of primitive tools. The interesting part is that no one ever knows how they were built and transported to be aligned next to one another. 

9. The Island of the Dolls, Mexico



A loner named Julian Santana lived in this island who used to collect terrible looking dolls and hang them on trees. Now, these dolls are said to have possessed by a demon which is considered to be the soul of a girl he killed. 


10. Bouvet Island, Southern Ocean



This is located in the isolated part of Earth and hence, no person lives here. During an expedition, a boat was found there with no sign of life. Furthermore, there were no nuclear explosions took place and no country took the responsibility. 


11. The Snake Island, Brazil



You can find the most poisonous snakes in the world on this island. The entire island is filled with snakes and some rare birds. Once a fisherman landed on the shore and his body was discovered covered with blood and filled with snake bites. Another family went to the island and they were found in pieces. 

Even if you are an adventure-addict person, you should think twice before visiting such islands ever in your life. 



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