7 Signs that proves you have a Crazy Girlfriend!


Are you in doubt that your girlfriend is crazy? You may have felt some signs of her craziness, but it may be fine as it makes your relationship more exciting and adventurous. If you are not quite sure whether she is showing signs of craziness or not then here are some signs for you that prove if you have a crazy girlfriend.


1. Mood-Swinger


There may be cases you admire her for joy and zest for life, but suddenly she messes up with tears or lose her patience and start screaming. This mood swing can make you think that you are not in a healthy relationship.



Mood Swing




2. Attention Seeker


Every person wants attraction, but if she takes it to another level, then it’s high time to say her goodbye. If she constantly demands more time with you by canceling your plans with friend and family, then she must be crazy.






3. No Privacy


If she is moving your personal things away and getting indulged into your personal space and starts crying badly when you confront her, then it is the sign that she is crazy.



No privacy




4. Threating


If she constantly threatens you to kill or hurt herself if she feels you might leave her then, believe me, she is damn crazy and needs some serious help. You need to run away from this situation as she must be a psycho.







5. Jealously


Everyone get jealous but taking it to a different level prove that there may be some serious consequences. She might interfere your privacy with any other female friend to a limitless extent which shows she must be crazy.



Jealous girlfriend




6. Hatred


Have you seen her passing judgmental comments over strangers? Is she have a good relationship with friend and family?  If she doesn't have good relationships in her life them, she must be crazy, and you must reconsider your relationship.







7. Lying


Everyone lies at some instances of life, and for someone’s good, it is acceptable. But it can be the worst thing if used too often. If she caught you many times lying about everything, then you must leave her as soon as possible as she must be crazy.







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