Best Dialogues Of Amitabh Bachchan That Will Be Immortal


Amitabh Bachchan is a living legend of Indian film industry. His popularity is multi-dimensional. Even the popular superstars of the new generation try to copy his style and speak his dialogues to entertain people. Apart from his unique voice, supreme personality and unparallel acting skills, his dialogues have gone in the books as the best that can ever be there. Today, we will rejuvenate our memory with the best of his dialogues and what exactly they signify in real life.



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1. Mohabbatein




Life is all about giving and receiving love and nothing else. In other words, life without love is absolutely nothing and without love, nothing matters in life.




2. Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham




Everyone earns money is life but earning respect is not everyone's cup of tea. In other words, money cannot buy respect, you have to earn it with your action. 




3. Khuda Gawah




Do not think so much that your thoughts become too deep else the decisions make with such thoughts will be too weak. In other words, do not waste too much time in thinking and taking a decision else too many thoughts will ruin your decision.




4. Mohabbatein




Respect is earned by love and not with fear. This is applicable for parents and teachers who make the kids fear them because they think they can earn respect by doing so. 




5. Agneepath




To progress in this world, it is important that you learn to say no. he other interpretation is that to make progress in professional life, it is better to keep numb because that will help you not to make any enemies who can drag you down.




6. Sharaabi




This is so valid for most of the people in this generation. He is not a human being. He has become a machine. Such machine can only print money and eat money. This is the harsh reality of the present generation who belong to the upper class of living. 




7. Agneepath




If you can see that you enemy can benefit you in some way or the other, make your enemy you friend. Well, some people can call this shrewd but at times, it is the smartest thing to do.




8. Kaalia




Wherever I stand, the line of competition stands from there. It is an arrogant dialogue especially suited for rich guys and businessmen. But this is exactly why it is memorable.




9. Sarkar




I do whatever I think is right. I do not care whether my action is against Gods, society, police or the entire system of a Nation. Sometimes, that is exact what you need to be because, in the name of religion and system, so many crimes are done.




10. Vijay Dinanath Chauhan..Poora Naam (Agneepath)




It sounds more like Bond..James Bond.




11. Shahenshah




'It is another Rowdy dialogue. In relation, I am father to you and my name is Shahenshah(Emperor).




12. Don




Police from eleven countries are waiting to catch Don, but catching Don is not just difficult, it is simply impossible. 



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