Top 10 List Of World’s Strongest Animals Will Leave You Speechless!


Deciding who should belong to the list of world's strongest animals is not an easy task as the strength of an animal is a relative thing. An animal can be strong based on the weight it can carry, at times, it can be defined by the harm it can cause. Here are the top 10 world's strongest animals that the world has given recognition.


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1. Beetle




Both Dung beetle and Rhinoceros beetle are considered to be the strongest's creatures in the world. They can carry almost 1000 times than your body weight.




2. Crocodile




Saltlake crocodiles are one of the most powerful and hence, strongest in the world. They have the strongest bite with nearly 2500 pounds per square inch. So when you see them, just run.




3. Leafcutter Ant




It can carry nearly 50 times its weight merely with its teeth. Imagine a human being trying to carry the same weight with its teeth; he will be left with no teeth.




4. Gorilla




The average weight of a matured Gorilla is nearly 800 pounds. A matured Gorilla can carry around ten times its weight which makes it one of the strongest animals in the world. 




5. Tiger




Tigers are one of the fiercest animals in the world, and they weigh around 1000 pounds, and it can carry around twice the weight. 




6. Musk Ox




The average weight of a musk ox is around 650 Kilos. They have the ability to carry other animals more than their weight every easily. They are stable, strong and determined to do anything.




7. Elephant




Among the different species of Elephants, African Bush Elephant stands out. The elephant is the largest land creature on Earth at present, and they can lift 100 humans together.




8. Blue Whale




Blue Whales are the largest water creatures in the world and they weight around 200 tons. With such a weight, you can easily expect it to be one of the strongest creatures in the world.




9. Grizzly Bear




Grizzly bears are one of the most powerful animals in the world with large claws and humps. It can nearly beat any animal when it is agitated. It can carry any animal which is the same weight as it is. 




10. Anaconda




Anaconda is the most dangerous snake in the world, and it has around 250 Kilos. It can swallow anything which is twice and thrice its size and weight. 



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