Popular Supermodels Confess How They Stay In Shape!

We always wonder what do the supermodels eat to get in such awesome shape and how do they stay the same throughout their lives. Some people think that these supermodels actually starve and deny themselves of the delicacies of the delicious dishes. Well, it is time to hear from the supermodels of the world as they let out their secrets of how to be in the shape in the fashion world.

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Heidi Klum –

She is a mom of four kids and she keeps posting photos where she is seen to enjoy fast foods like pizza. Naturally, her followers wonder what magic she does to look so attractive at her age. Well, Heidi said in an interview that she cooks all her foods at home and therefore, she can control the ingredients in the food. Moreover, she has her dinner at 6pm to let the body digest everything.

Gigi Hadid –

She is one of the most popular supermodels currently. She said that burger is her favorite. But she eats less of oily stuff and eats clean food where the ingredients are rather in raw or boiled form with a bit of seasoning. Apart from that, when she eats more calories, she works out at the gym to burn it off.

Cara Delevingne –

This is an exception because she loves to eat fast food all the time. Her Instagram photos are filled with fast food items she keeps eating from time to time. She does not follow a strict diet plan but has a strict workout plan to burn it down.

Alessandra Ambrosio –

She starts her day with eggs and avocado and drinks green juices. In the lunch and dinner, she preys on chicken, fish, sushi, and even BBQ. Her secret is that she keeps herself hydrated throughout the day and drinks a lot of green tea to boost metabolism and burn the extra fat accumulating.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley –

She follows an 80/20 rule where she eats healthy for 80% of her diet and 20% of her diet is dedicated to fast foods. Even in fast foods, she opts for the smart choices with fewer calories and healthy ingredients.

Miranda Kerr –

She starts her day with hot water and lemon juice in it. She has a lot of fruits and vegetable smoothies to keep her hydrated. Miranda prefers salmon based fresh salads, roasted chicken, and other such healthy combination. However, on the weekends, she enjoys tasty foods with her son which she cooks herself. She then burns it off in the weekdays by working out.

Kendall Jenner –

The list of supermodels is incomplete without mentioning her. Her Instagram account has a lot of junk food based photos and that is because she loves to have a few cheat days in her strict diet plan. She said that she does not take any stress and tries to keep herself happy all the time which boosts her metabolism and burns the extra calories automatically. However, she opts for detoxification regularly.

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