Small Etiquette Changes That Can Make You Stand Out!

You might have noticed that British queens and princesses namely Catherine and Meghan and you must have got blown away how good they look and carry themselves. Their etiquettes seem to be Royal and the best part is that you can do the same and increase your stock value. The following is the list of small etiquette changes you need to make to look and act like a princess.

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Sitting Correctly –

Sitting correctly is an art that differentiates royal females and normal females. There are various postures available to sit comfortably but sitting with one leg over the other especially when your waxed legs are on display, you can captivate anyone. The upper leg should not be dangling but be attached tightly to the lower leg. You can check the internet with tags ‘Duchess Slant’ and ‘Cambridge Cross’.

Holding Clutch Bag –

Instead of carrying a shoulder bag and a crossbody bag, you need to carry a gorgeous clutch bag that complements well with your dress. But instead of clutching it under your armpit which looks awkward, you should always hold it with both arms while posing. Make your clutch bag look like a million buck and get everyone’s attention.

Be Ahead Of Time –

It is better to be punctual if you want to act like a royal deal. if you are throwing a party at home, you need to arrange everything beforehand so that there is no last minute thing. Besides, you should pay attention to as many as you can and not let me wait for you.

Make Introduction Earlier-

According to the tradition of your country, you should greet every person you know with a handshake or light hug. Making an introduction with everyone as fast as you can is better. In your introduction, make them feel comfortable and friendly rather than asking awkward questions that everyone asks.

Eating Etiquette –

Instead of eating in large pieces, you should use the cutlery to cut your food into small pieces and eat slowly so that you do not make noise while eating. Go to eat too much in front of others even though you want to.

Similarly, while drinking tea or coffee, do not make noises while sipping from the cup no matter how hot it is. Moreover, practice holding the cup correctly. As a matter of fact, the cup of tea and the cup of coffee must be held differently and you should know about it and do it.

Make Slow Gestures

Walking too fast, doing things faster than the most does not make you look special and royal. Be conscious of what you are doing and conscious doing it slowly and elegantly. There has to be elegance in all your gesture to make yourself look different from the rest. Moreover, with elegance, you need gracefulness. Be confident in your approaches and put up a pleasing yet mesmerizing personality.

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