11 Most Mysterious Places On Earth That Are Just Bizarre


Even in the age of science where everything can be decoded with logic and reasoning, there are a few most mysterious places on earth which have puzzled even the scientists. Even if the scientists and researchers have literally banged their head, they could not find a possible explanation of the bizarre happenings on these places



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1. Hell Town Ohio, US




Everyone is prohibited from entering the area. The area was burnt forcefully to build a park. A lot of people got burnt and died as they refused to leave their home. Their spirits still roam about and many paranormal activities got killed.


Mystery – Town of Ghosts?




2. Devil's Triangle, Pacific Ocean




It is just like Bermuda Triangle. Planes have crashed due to strong magnetic field. Research teams were sent but they disappeared forever. 


Mystery – Magnetic Abnormalities?




3.  Aokigahara Forest, Japan




The place is known for an extremely high rate of suicide. Even more, have disappeared within 35 square km. It is said that if you walk by with a troubled mind, you may commit suicide as well.


Mystery – Demons Persuade To Commit Suicide?




4. Bigelow Ranch, Utah, US




So many paranormal activities were reported over the years and the famous one is the disappearance of pets and a few days later they were found slaughtered with blood loss.


Mystery – Slaughtering Without Blood Loss?




5. The Stone Forest, China




This is certainly one of the mysterious places on Earth because vegetation and towering formation made up of limestone flourish together. 


Mystery – Vegetation growing in stone-filled region?




6. McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica




This dry valley is situated in the middle of areas that are covered with snows and extremely low temperature. Scientists are puzzled how could such a dry place exist in Antarctica?


Mystery – Desert In Antarctica?




7. Richat Structure, Mauritania




It is also called the Eye of the Sahara. It is perfectly circular in structure and it is situated in a desert where such structures are impossible to find. The rings are also equidistant. 


Mystery – Creation of perfect circle with equidistant rings.




8. Moguicheng, China




It is a desert and when people travel by it, they can hear strange sounds in the air. Sound of guitar, melodies, babies crying and animals howling can be heard. But no one stays in the desert.


Mystery – Weird sounds float in the air.




9. Mount Roraima, Brazil




The peak of the mountain is at 1,300 feet height and is surrounded by clouds. The summit is perfectly flat which is quite strange and there are vegetation and wildlife flourishing peacefully.


Mystery – How Can The Peak Be Perfectly Flat?




10. Area 51




There is not a single person who does not know about Area 51 but no one really seems to know what is going to inside. Nobody is allowed to go inside and many think there are alien and UFOs collected by US military.


Mystery – What Really Is Going On Inside?




11. The Bermuda Triangle, Atlantic Ocean




This is one of the most mysterious places on Earth.There is nothing new to be said about it and even after centuries, scientists have failed miserably to provide a satisfactory explanation.


Mystery – Disappearance Of Any Object Around It.


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