11 Yummy Looking Things That Look Like Food but Aren’t Edible


You probably don't remember but back when you were a little kid, many a time you were slapped on your tiny hands for putting anything you picked up into your mouth! Ah, innocent times, without a care in the world! Anyway, what made us put those things into our mouth? The sole reason for this is that they looked shiny and totally edible! It sometimes does even now. They look totally like something fashioned out of our favorite food but aren't. We have made a list of such things in and around us that look like food but are 100% not. We also tell what exactly they are made of so that you feel even more alarmed, the next time your kid tries to put something not food in his/her mouth.



1. Candy erasers (scented)



Why just why would they make 'em look so cute and edible? To lure kids into choking on 'em? But whatever their evil plan is, kids buy they and in heaps, as they tend to lose them frequently too. These little guys are made of synthetic rubber.


2. Lava Lamp



Lava lamps. Those floating fluorescent lamps, those beautiful decorative items. So edible yet, one wouldn't be able to and is advised not to do it!


3. Water crystal gel



These little shiny crystal-like balls were the most wonderful things we ever had in our childhood. They became bigger once we added some water! And we all have tried eating them. Don't 'cause it's made of water-absorbing polymer and it is very harmful if ingested.


4. Liquid detergent pods



Why did they have to make them in such small little pods and in different colors! They do look like little bags of colorful juice but come on its detergent.


5. Violin rosin



They look shiny and clean and totally like candy. Violin rosin enables the violin maestro to play better, offering less traction. Awfully useful, not edible at all!


6. Colorful windshield cleaner



Sure they look colorful, have that partly transparent property that RedBull has. But we can assure you that even a sip of it can have alarming effects. We trust you not to drink it!


7. Quartz rocks



Although not possible to be eaten unless broken into smaller pieces, these rocks look like pieces of meat or something. 


8. Molten glass



It is highly impossible to "eat" molten glass, nevertheless, just look at it. It is so smooth, jelly like and looks so edible. 


9. Play-doh 



This one should have been higher up in the list. We have all had our share of fun with play-doh during or kindergarten days, and may have been unable to resist the fruity fragrance and had some. Virtually harmless but could induce discomfort and upset your stomach.


10. Moth balls



Moth balls or naphthalene balls are used to ward off cockroach and other insects from chewing and destroying our clothes. They look like little balls of candy but are life threatening if eaten.


11. Lip gloss



This one is exclusive to women. They have it on their lips all the time. So close to their mouths and sometimes we have heard 'em say that they have had it too, with or without their knowledge. Lay off it, it's petroleum jelly!


Do let us know if you found this list interesting, in the comments and reactions section below!



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