10 Most Haunted Places In Nagpur Will Give You A Nightmare


Nagpur falls in Maharastra which is the abode of another two big and busy cities Pune. We have already told you about the scariest places in Mumbai and Pune and Nagpur is giving a tough competition to them as far as creepiness goes. Here are the most haunted places in Nagpur that can give you a nightmare for sure.



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1. Amravati Highway




It is unclear whether it is haunted by spirits or not, but many drivers have complained about seeing a foggy atmosphere out of nowhere. It gives a weird feeling that could be formed by spirits. 




2. Parsi Graveyard




It is one of the scariest and most haunted places in Nagpur. It is situated on Seminary Hills. You can ask anyone in Nagpur and they will tell you to avoid the place. Most of the people get ill after visiting the graveyard and some of them have seen strange figures. 




3. Ramtek




There is a paranormal tree in this area which is very popular among those who do black magic. Nobody dares to pass by it at midnight because most of them in past go possessed by evil spirits. 




4. Nagpur-Wardah Rail Track




A girl was raped and murdered on this rail track and a few days after that, local people can hear a girl screaming and crying exactly in the place. At times, she calls out for help and when people come to rescue her, she vanishes into thin air.




5. Dev Nagar




A building was construction over a graveyard. Residents of the house could see ghosts and spirits of the dead ones trying to communicate to them. On no moon day, they can literally feel them.




6. Bhander Forest




The forest is complete haunted by spirits of wild animals who are known to kill men and drink their blood. Nobody is allowed to go in at night because they may never return again.




7. Daayan Ka Ghar




It is situated in Amravati Road Bypass. The local people built the entire house of a lady who used to kidnap children and did black magic on them. After she and her building was burnt, she started haunting people in the entire area.




8. Wadi Ghost




A girl was raped in a road in Wadi. She was admitted to the hospital but unfortunately, she could not survive. Local people claim that they can see her sitting in the road and crying at midnight.




9. Shukrawari Talav




The lake is known as a suicide spot In Nagpur. Hundreds of people commit suicide in the lake every year and some believe that evil spirits in the lake attract them in the lake.




10. AH43 Highway




This is a common incident for the drivers passing through this highway at midnight to see a charming girl standing in the middle of the road with a candle in her hand. She disappears as soon as a vehicle approaches her.


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