Top 15 Countries Where You Can Find The Most Handsome Men In The World!

Even though beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, yet, there is a pretty good consensus among girls about who is handsome and who is average. Every girl dreams of getting one of the most handsome guys in their lives but only a few end up getting them as life partners.

If you are in search of such handsome men of your dream, you can visit the following countries as the attractive men are their main attraction. Do not believe us? Check out yourself and plan your next trip accordingly. 



1. Brazil 



Brazilian men have won a number of Mister World and Global titles than any other country. Even, Brazilian women are also considered one of the most beautiful and hottest women in the world by many. Look like you can find your type easily in this hot country. 


2. Italy



Italian men are stylish, fashionable and born with great looks. That is why most of the international men fashion brands are based out of Italy and women consider them irresistible due to their charm and wit. They are also known for their romantic abilities and qualities as lovers.


3. Spain



Now you know the reason why some of the women are drawn towards football so much. Spanish guys are known for their look, physique, and manliness. No wonders why so many girls across the world go gaga on Spanish male singers. The country produces so many male supermodels every year. 


4. Greece



The handsome men of Greece are called Greek Gods and they are most popular among women for their commanding voice, sparkling eyes and well-grooming look. 


5. England



Women always fall for a good looking English man because of their politeness in behavior and speaking and their well-mannered treatment and respectful gesture towards women. They also have great fashion sense and sparkling eyes. 


6. Australia



It is the sense of humor and blonde look of Australian men that drive women crazy. They are very sporting and have fit physique as they get involved in so many sports. Furthermore, they sport ripped lean body and amazing tanned skin. 


7. France



French men are the personification fo romance and they are also popular for being great on the bed. Furthermore, they are very intelligent and have a great sense of fashion. 


8. Argentina



Argentina is just like Brazil and it is the place of gods and goddess. You can find attractive men and women in the country and fulfill all your fantasy by taking a trip. 


9. Germany



Women have different opinions about Germans for choosing them as life partners but they agree on the fact that Germans are one of the sexiest men on the planet. They are extremely adventurous and have blonde look with great attitude. 


10. South Korea



South Korean men follow a strict diet and generally go clean shaved which make them desirable. They take proper care of their hair and put on dresses that go well with their personality. 


11.The Czech Republic



The handsome men in The Czech Republic have the most photogenic faces in the world and no wonders why women want them as we live in the world of the digital photo on social media sites. 


12. Sweden 



Sweden is one of the most overlooked countries where you get to find handsome men with great personalities and awesome style sense. 


13. Japan 



This is not surprising to see that a major chunk of supermodels in the male fashion industry is from Japan. Due to their strict diet plan and vigorous lifestyle, they have the charming glow on their skin and deep dark eyes. They are also very fashionable and take proper care of their hairstyle and grooming. 



14. The USA



Men from the USA are very-friendly and women can get along with them quickly. They are very sportive and have a great sense of humor. Women fall for good men as well as bad boys. They also have a very good personal taste of living and awesome attitude. 


15. South Africa



South Africa has men of all skin color and they are popular for their strong physique, confidence, and longer sex drive. Women always prefer men with a great body to play with. 


This article is not meant for offending other left out countries. But this is how the men and women across the world rate and think of the men of different countries. 



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