Mistakes You Are Making That Are Killing Your Smartphone

We all can confess now that we cannot live without smartphones now. It is like clothes now and we even change our smartphone in every couple of years to get the latest features on the new smartphones. But there are some mistakes we are committing that may not enable your smartphone to survive for long. The following is the list of the mistakes we are doing that are killing our smartphone.

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Leaving Near Windows –

There are a lot of people who leave their smartphones near the windows which may be due to the fact that the bed or the desk in near the windows. Therefore, the sunlight shines on the smartphone and heating it up to a stage of overheating. Naturally, overheating causes damage to the chips and parts inside.

Sleeping With Smartphones –

Most of the people cannot sleep without check videos or social media platforms through their smartphones. But they keep the videos on and fall asleep and throughout the night, the videos keep on playing overheating the smartphone. In fact, some people sleep on the smartphone or put it below the pillow accidentally which leads to overheating.

Not Updating Timely –

The companies of the smartphones push regular updates to the users of their smartphones. These updates can address software as well as hardware issues and they are sure to extend the life of the smartphones. Moreover, there are many security issues addressed in the updates.

Proper Cleaning –

Twice a year, you should take your smartphone to the service center and get it cleaned from the inside. Lots of dust particles and garages get inside the smartphones which hamper its lifetime. They also slow down the performance of the smartphones. If you can do it at home by opening the back cover and battery, go ahead and do it monthly.

Replacing With Cheap Battery –

The smartphone users make the mistake of replacing the original battery with a cheap battery when it gets damaged. But cheap batteries cause huge damage to the interior parts and shorten the lifespan of your phone.

Weird DIYs –

These days, people think that they can do anything just by doing whatever they are seeing on DIY videos online. However, these DIY things can cause huge damage to your smartphone even though they may look cool. Therefore, before doing any such DIY stuff on your smartphone, read the comments of the users who have done it to be on the safe side.

Carrying In Back Pocket –

The girls love to carry their phones on the back pocket for convenience and fashion statement. But when they sit with it mistakenly, the phone gets bent and the screen cracks. Besides, there can be loose connection due to the bending. Therefore, carry it in your purse.

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