These 8 Indian Celebrities Can Do Anything On Twitter For Publicity!!


Twitter is classified as the best social media platform for the celebrities in the world. Wherever there will be celebs, their fans and followers are sure to be around. Hence, getting public attention is only a matter of a single tweet. Today, we will look at those Indian celebs who rose to fame due to their infamous tweets and those who trend on Twitter for their cheap tweets without considering their status and public image.


1. Kamaal Rashid Khan (KRK)




This guy rose to fame only due to his series of infamous tweets. He also claims to make Twitter popular with his viral tweets. Twitteratis like to call him 2 Rupees man. He is the perfect example of a person whom you can hate but just cannot ignore.




2. Arvind Kejriwal




In spite of being the Chief Minister Of Delhi, he did not hesitate to stoop so low to make horrible tweets about his oppositions. These days, he trends so often on Twitter and most of his tweets are dedicated to our PM Narendra Modi. He gets trolled all the time.




3. Poonam Pandey




She became an internet sensation thanks to her tweet about posing n@ked for the Indian team if they win the World Cup in cricket. She posts vulgar images on Tweets and is a former most searched personality on Google. She can literally do anything for publicity.




4. Shobha De




Shobha De became famous as the novelist and columnist in popular National newspaper. But she turned heel when she started tweeting vulgar posts on any burning national issues such as Olympics performance of Indian athletes. She is the most hated and troll figure on Twitter.




5. Ram Gopal Varma




Being a popular director, he holds no barred when expressing his raw thoughts through tweets. Some of them are vulgar and filthy and he faces heat from them. But that could not stop him from spreading rubbish on Twitter.




6. Chetan Bhagat




Chetan Bhagat is the best-selling novelist in India and he was among the most respected personalities in Indian celebs. But he could not sustain them once he took to Twitter and posts nonsensical tweets. He is the favorite to get trolled all the time he posts a new tweet.




7. Sherlyn Chopra




She is that actress whom you just cannot ignore even though she is not a top actress in the industry. She can do anything for money and publicity and she has confessed that same. Her tweets with vulgar photos go viral within minutes.




8. Sofia Hayat




Just like Poonam Pandey, she too rose to fame when she posed her n@ked photo on Twitter to show her appreciation for Indian cricket team. Even though she turned spiritual, it did not show her publicity stunts on Twitter.


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