Top 10 Bad Boys In The Cricket World

Cricket is supposed to be a gentleman’s game and there had been many instances where the players have not been able to keep their composure as much as needed. Even the calmest cricketers have lost their cool at some point in their careers. Since there are cameras all around, those moments had been captured for ages. Check out those bad boys in the cricket world you may not know about.

Virat Kohli

There are many instances which prove that Kohli tops the list of famous Bad Boys in the Cricket world. His finger incident in Australia and his fight with Gautam Gambhir in the sixth IPL season are two never-to-forget incidents. His aggressiveness on the field has always been very controversial.



In the 1997 Sahara Cup, a spectator mocked Inzamam-Ul-Haq by calling him fat over a microphone. Inzamam got so furious that he Bolt-ed towards the mocker with a bat to attack him.


Shoaib Akhtar

The list of Bad Boys in Sports can never get completed without mentioning Shoaib Akhtar. With his infamous ball-tampering incident in 2003 and his extreme abusive nature towards the other players, he, undoubtedly, is the godfather of controversies in the world of cricket. He was also in a drug scandal in 2006.


Steve Smith

The world will always remember him for the ball-tampering incident which took place in the third Test Match against South Africa in 2018. At a press conference, Smith admitted to his involvement in the incident. The incident cost him a year ban from all international and domestic matches.


Herschelle Gibbs

Gibbs was in the match-fixing scandal in the year 2000. Again, in the following year, CSA fined him for smoking marijuana during his West Indian tour.


Shane Warne

There are a couple of incidents where Shane Warne was guilty. One such incident was when he accepted money from a bookie for providing information like the pitch and climatic conditions, in a Sri Lankan tour. Warne is also a drug-addict.



Mohammad Asif

The Pakistani cricketer’s spot-fixing scandal earned him a seven-year ban from cricket across all formats. In 2006, PCB suspended him after he failed drug tests because of which he could not play in the Champions Trophy.


David Warner

Warner’s embroilment in the ball-tampering incident in 2018 earned him a one-year ban from all cricket matches, both internationally and domestically. He is also one of the foul-mouthed cricketers in the world.


Andrew Symonds

The reputation of Symonds got hampered because of his many alcohol-related incidents. Many called him unprofessional. His abusive words towards Brendon McCullum in an interview made him very infamous.



Sreesanth, famous for his aggressive and violent nature, was on the headlines for his involvement in fixing IPL matches in 2013. This incident destroyed his career, as BCCI sentenced him a life ban from cricket.


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