9 common Hindu gods and their uncommon birth will leave you shocked !!!


Needless to mention that we all are in a modern society where style, fashion, and luxury matters. However, we cannot escape from the truth that one or the other way we are a theist. We believe, pray and share our inner feeling to that ultimate soul that is GOD. 

Hindu Mythology is said to be very vast and plays a major a role in building the character of a child. In these days it is mandatory to teach about mythology at schools. Here I am with some of the God and Goddesses whose advent is very interesting.


1. Sita


We all are aware of the fact that Maa Sita is the wife of Lord Ramachandra.  However, the birth of Sita is quite uncommon.  She was believed to born out of the earth in a golden basket while King Janaka was plowing the field. Then she was brought up by king Janaka and queen Sunaya.





2. Ganesha


Ganesha the lord of wisdom and son of Shiva and Parvati. It is being said that before taking shower Parvati applied turmeric to her body and made an idol of a boy out of the body dirt and turmeric. The boy was instructed not to allow anyone inside but at the mean time, lord shiva argued to move in. Out of rage shiva  chopped off the boy's head. Eventually, the head of the boy was replaced by an elephant’s head. That’s why Ganesh is also known as Gajanan.





3. Draupadi


Draupadi is the daughter of king Drupad , King of Panchala. He performed a yajna to take revenge from Drona for his defeat. The sages performing yajna throw prasad to the fire out of which a young warrior came out named Dhristadhumna followed by a dark skinned beautiful girl named Draupadi.





4. Makardhwaj


Many of us may not be aware that lord Hanuman had a son named Makardhwaj. The mythology says that after burning Lanka Lord Hanuman took bath in the sea. During that moment a drop of sweat fell in the mouth of a huge fish out of which Makardhwaj was born





5. Pandavas


Five Pandavas are acknowledged for their victory over Kauravas. However , their birth of Pandavas is very interesting. Kunti had a boon to call any God who can bless her with a son.  Yudhistira was born to Yama dev (Dharmraj).  Likewise, Bhima- Vayu dev, Arjun- Indra dev and Nakul and Sahadev- Twin Ashwins are born





6. Kauravas


When Gandhari was conceived with Kauravas it took her two years to keep them in the womb. Out of frustration, she delivered a ball of flesh. Rishi Vyasa cut each into 101 small pieces and kept each one in a pot immersed with butter and buried it under the earth. After a year 100 sons and a daughter was born.





7. Bramha


Lord Bramha was regarded as the creator of the whole universe. He was believed to be born from the naval of lord Vishnu along with an emerging Lotus. He was also considered as Prajapati.





8. Laxmi


Maa Laxmi wife of lord Vishnu is worshiped for wealth and prosperity. Mythology says she was born during the Churning of Ocean (Samudra Manthan) and she chooses Vishnu as her husband.






9. Karna


As discussed earlier Kunti had a boon to call any god by Rishi Durvasa. Just to test her power she called Surya Dev, out of which Karna was born to Kunti before her marriage with Pandu. He was born from the ear of Kunti.


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