Here Is How Your Dress Color Reveals So Much About Your Personality!

All of us have plenty of dresses of our favorite color in our closet. A color becomes our favorite unconsciously has quite to do with our personality. Even when your closet is full of dresses of multiple colors, you will always prefer one particular color more than the others. This is what your personality dictates subconsciously and here is how you can know a lot about a person from his or her dress color.

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Even though it is quite rare and most women put it on, the color signifies that the person is reliable but slightly introvert. He/she is rational and very stable and peace-seeker.


If a person is wearing total black dresses, it signifies the person is ambitious and they want people to take them seriously. The person is likely to be emotional and quite sensitive as well.


Blue dresses represent confidence and a sign of intelligence and efficiency. The person is likely to be kind and calm.


Green dresses are not that rare as many women prefer to wear them. Such people are likely to live an active and social life and are financially very stable with a  slight arrogance.


Purple has been the color that is always associated with royalty from the ancient past. This color of dresses is very common among wealthy people but it is a sign of creativity and admiration of art. The person is likely to be passionate but very unpredictable.


Red dresses are a representation of energy, excitement and attention-grabbing. But these dresses are generally put on by self-centered persons who want the attention on them and they are also very vulnerable to substance addiction.


It is one of the cutest colors of them all and it attracts eyes instantly. So a person is likely to be bubbly, active, social, confident but a dreamer, adventurer, and an addict. He/she is ready to explore new things with full enthusiasm.


The dress color represents someone who loves freedom, has optimistic view on life and very organized in real life. They are the ones who always strive for perfection. They are very friendly and have leadership quality.


Pink is always a color that is associated with girls. But this dress color signifies that the person is rather childish with unrealistic dreams but they are very vulnerable and highly sensitive. They generally happen to be romantic and optimistic with a heart full of kindness.


People who prefer to wear orange dresses, they are generally opportunist and self-centered. They want to excel by any means and do not turn out to be special friends. But they are very energetic and cheerful.

Which one of these color do you prefer the most and are its corresponding personality traits correct?

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