Questions Every Girl Has Regarding The First Night In An Arranged Marriage!

The wedding night or the first night is something every boy and girl look up to since their teenage. There are various taboos in the society that make them somewhat tensed and scary about what will happen on that night. It is the first night when the couple comes closest to one another and it is also the first time a girl will let a rather stranger to explore her without resistance. It is very usual for the bride to be more nervous about the upcoming events as the groom sets his eyes on her and there are countless questions that occupy her mind.

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What WIll He Think Of My Figure?

There are so many different types of dresses available in the market to make a girl look something they are not. For example, a push-up bra may give men an impression that a girl is quite curvy but in reality, she is not. Girls worst nightmare will come true when the groom gets closer to her physically and discovers her real figure inside. Will he judge her, reject her, think of her as fat or lean?

WIll The Impossible Happen?

Even though the wedding night has been tabooed as the night to lose your virginity to your husband, most of the brides know that amidst all the relatives, intercourse is not possible. But there are some despo grooms who are desperate to do it in spite of all. In an arranged marriage, you cannot talk it out beforehand and hence, the anxiety will kill you.

What If I Do Not Bleed?

In spite of being a virgin, a girl may not bleed during her first time. If the groom takes an offense with that, it can ruin their entire life together even before it can begin. The question that the girl wants to ask is whether he knows about not bleeding is normal!

What If I Am Too Tired And Save The Best Moment For Later?

Physical intimacy can be a failed attempt when both the person is not in the mood. After the hectic wedding, both the persons are likely to be tired. The girl wants to know whether he will mind if she says No to his attempt to have an intercourse or any deep form of physical intimacy.

Should I Take The Initiative Or He Will Make The First Move?

Generally, a boy is supposed to make the first move to break the physical barrier. But in an arranged marriage, the comfort level may not be there and hence, the guy can be too shy. If the girl makes the first move, will she be considered a slut?

How WIll He React When He Sees My Body Hair?

Girls go outside after totally waxing their wax parts and it gives men the impression that women do not have anybody hair like men. It is not true and a girl is worried about how her groom will react when he undresses him and come across her body hair including the private parts.

What If I Can’t Bear The Pain?

The first penetration is likely to be painful if the supplies are not arranged and it depends on various other factors. The first can bleed and feel excruciating pain which can become unbearable. What if she says to stop or need some medical help?

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