7 Reasons Why Young People Become Terrorists?

When you look around the terrorist attacks across the world, the caught or dead terrorists are found to be young. This is a dangerous trend given that fact that the young people are getting attracted to the ideologies of the terrorists. Instead, they should have been leading the world to new heights. Today, we try to understand the psychology of young people aspiring to be a terrorist.


Adolescents are often restless. They always want to try something new and exciting. In this stage of life, they can be easily misled. A survey, conducted by the United States Institute of Peace, found out that many teenagers join extremist groups out of either boredom or excitement.



It is no secret that the terrorist groups influence younger people to kill the innocents in the name of Vengeance. One such example is the bombings in Sri Lanka on 19th April 2019, Eastern Sunday. The targets were churches and luxury hotels. The Sri Lankan government suspected the attacks to be a revenge for Christchurch’s mosque attacks in New Zealand.



In 2012, the Global Terrorism Index unveiled that mostly the poorer countries in the world are badly affected by terrorism. The younger generation of lower-class families often falls prey to terrorism. They, to feed their families, join certain terrorist organizations, who claim to help them if they join their groups. Ajmal Kasab, one of the terrorists in the 9/11 Mumbai attack in India, was sold by his father to the Lashkar-e-Taiba Islamist militant group who gave money to support his family.



There are uncountable instances where we have seen that people tend to commit crimes when their closed ones are in danger. In countries like Afghanistan, the terrorist organizations threaten to rape the female members of the families, if the young lads do not join their groups.


Childhood Trauma

Some youngsters enter the world of terrorism due to some childhood trauma. Being bullied during childhood is one such example which can make a kid think that he can overcome the fear of getting tormented. This is possible by joining some kind of hate group which can make him feel powerful.



Many of the teenagers, especially the uneducated ones, get brain-washed by the so-called jihadis in the name of religion. They make the teens believe that getting killed in the process of harming others will serve the Almighty who will lead them directly to Heaven. This is the reason why suicide bombers are mostly under the age of 20s.


A Search for Identity

The teenage period is the most dangerous period of life. At this stage, young people try to develop their individuality. In this process, they become highly vulnerable to commit crimes. Many pieces of research have shown that quite several youngsters join terrorist groups owing to confusion and alienation about their identities.


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